Brian Chesky

Brian Chesky

Brian Joseph Chesky (born August 29, 1981) is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded the hospitality exchange service Airbnb.

Chesky is the CEO of the company and was named one of Time's "100 Most Influential People of 2015".




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Anirban Sen
November 22, 2020
Airbnb aims to complete its IPO on Nasdaq next month.
Melia Russell
November 17, 2020
Business Insider
Airbnb's IPO will make its three cofounders billionaires, but each has agreed to give away most of their wealth over time.
Madeline Stone
November 17, 2020
Business Insider
Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, is predicting that more people will choose to live in different places around the world once the pandemic subsides.
Tyler Sonnemaker
November 17, 2020
Business Insider
Airbnb made smart moves early in the pandemic that stemmed its losses -- but it won't have as much influence over some of its biggest risk factors.
November 16, 2020
Airbnb was losing money even before the pandemic struck and cut its revenue by almost a third, the home-sharing company revealed in documents filed Monday ahead of a planned initial public...
Erin Griffith
August 19, 2020
The home rental company, which was privately valued at $31 billion, is trying to go public after its business was crushed by the pandemic.
Erin Griffith
July 17, 2020
What happens when a kumbaya office culture meets the business realities of a pandemic?
Erin Griffith
July 16, 2020
After a financial hit from the pandemic, the San Francisco company said business was starting to return from its nose-dive.
Anna Furman
June 23, 2020
While the company touted generous severance packages for its terminated employees, it offered unequal help to its shadow workforce.
Erin Griffith
March 10, 2020
Online travel sites, including and Airbnb, are facing a world of hurt as people all but stop taking trips.
January 17, 2020
The home-rental company plans to consider the needs of more than just investors in its corporate governance -- and will factor them into employee pay, too.
Theron Mohamed
November 12, 2019
Business Insider
Chesky, who unsurprisingly tried to make a distinction between the two companies, said WeWork was "a growing-up experience for a lot of founders."
Andrew Ross Sorkin
November 11, 2019
The words "trust" and "responsibility" were peppered throughout more than a dozen conversations at The New York Times's DealBook conference.
November 7, 2019
Highlights from yesterday's DealBook conference, which featured some of the biggest newsmakers in business and policy.
Jacey Fortin and Derrick Bryson Taylor
November 3, 2019
The home-sharing platform has offered several novelty lodging opportunities lately, like a stay in Barbie's mansion or a night in the Goodyear blimp. They earn headlines, and that's the point.
Kirsten Korosec
November 2, 2019
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said Saturday the company will ban "party houses" and take other steps to safeguard hosts and guests after five people died at a Halloween party hosted at California home that was rented on the service. Chesky made the announcement via a series of tweets Saturday. "What happened on Thursday night in [...]
October 11, 2019
The city comptroller will ask companies to adopt a version of the N.F.L.'s "Rooney Rule" and consider women and ethnic minorities for C.E.O. and board spots.
Erin Griffith
September 20, 2019
Tension has grown among a 6,000-person work force as it waits to sell company shares, people with knowledge of the situation said.
Katie Warren
September 19, 2019
Business Insider
The 37-year-old has reportedly rented out his own apartment on Airbnb, does weekly yoga, and attended the Burning Man arts event in the Nevada desert.
Erika Rawes
September 13, 2019
Digital Trends
What is Airbnb? Part of the 'sharing economy,' Airbnb offers you someone's home to stay, instead of a hotel. You can also become a host, letting others stay in your home for some extra money. Here we tackle everything this home sharing site has to offer. You'll be staying in an Airbnb in no time.
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