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Borjomi (water)

Borjomi (water)

Carbonated mineral water brand from country of georgia

"Borjomi" ("Borzhom", Georgian ბორჯომი bɔrd͡ʒɔmi) is a natural bicarbonate sodium mineral water with a mineralization of 5-7.5 g/l, widely known in the post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. Water is produced in Georgia, in the Borjomi Valley, located on the territory of the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.

Currently, the only producer of Borjomi mineral water is IDS Borjomi Georgia, which is part of IDS Borjomi International, owned by the Russian structure of Alfa Group (formerly Georgian Glass & Mineral Water Co")

"Borjomi" - natural mineral bicarbonate-sodium water with natural mineralization, is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the digestive system, metabolism, and is also used as table water. Its systematic use (like any other highly mineralized water) has contraindications.

"Borjomi" is mined from 9 wells with a depth of 200 to 1500 m on the territory of the Borjomi Reserve, at a natural temperature for thermal water of 38-40 ° C. The mineral composition of Borjomi has not changed since 1830, from the beginning of constant laboratory observations.

"Borjomi" is considered to be water of igneous origin, which originates at a depth of about 8-10 km, and is naturally pushed out by carbon dioxide. On its way to the mouth of the source, the water mixes with fresh, deep mineralized and low-mineralized waters, saturated with minerals from the rocks of the Caucasus Mountains. Natural mineral water is extracted from nine wells, the depth of which is from 140 to 1500 m. Under the influence of high temperatures and pressure, water rises from the underground depths, passes through the layers of volcanic-sedimentary rocks and absorbs them into its composition. Then the water passes through a layer of chalk rocks and under the influence of carbon dioxide comes to the surface.

Recent studies of the Borjomi deposit suggest that it contains the so-called juvenile waters, which are born with the release of oxygen and hydrogen of the magma as a result of volcanic processes occurring at many kilometers of depth. We are talking about water that has never participated in the natural cycle.

Heavy water warehouse "Borjomi"

All nine production wells in the Borjomi Gorge operate in the self-spill mode, that is, exactly the amount of water that is renewed naturally is produced. Bottling "Borjomi" is carried out on automated lines. Their capacity allows to fully develop the resources of the produced water.

The mineral water obtained from the wells is supplied to the bottling plant via a 25 km pipeline. There it settles, cools and is bottled in glass, PET bottles and aluminum containers.

Borjomi production adheres to the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008. Mineral waters extracted from wells undergo daily chemical and microbiological testing in special laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025:2010 standards. The company received the ISO 14000 international environmental management standard in 2016. A waste recycling and waste sorting program operates both at the extraction stage and during bottling.

The very name "Borjomi" comes from two words: "borzh" - "fortress wall" and "omi" - "war". According to archaeologists, wars often took place in this region, and the local population used the mountains as defensive fortresses.


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