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Allen Brain Atlas

Allen Brain Atlas

The Allen Brain Atlas or Allen Brain Map is a collection of atlases and data sets created by the Allen Institute which includes genomic, anatomic, developmental biology and disease data from human and mouse.

The Brain Cell Database contains electrophysiological, morphological and transcriptomic data from individual mouse and human brain cells.

The Allen Brain Observatory is an in vivo survey of physiological activity the visual cortex of mouse. Data such as calcium responses from GCaMP6-expressing neurons that were visually evoked in the mouse are searchable. Cellular responses to stimuli are mapped.

The Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas is a map of neural connections in the mouse brain which features exonal projections.

The Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, Mouse Spinal Cord Atlas and Developing Mouse Brain Atlas are atlases of gene expression across the adult brain, spinal cord and developing mouse brain.

The Allen Human Brain Atlas combines anatomic, genomic and MRI data that can be visualized with the Brain Explorer 3-D viewer.

The NIH Blueprint Non-Human Primate Atlas, produced under contract to the Allen Institute with funds from NIH, consists of gene expression, neuroanatomical data and informatics tools for exploring the developing brain of the rhesus macaque brain. It includes fine structure transcriptional profiling in prenatal and postnatal development and gene expression data by in situ hybridization at cellular resolution.

The BrainSpan atlas contains neuroanatomical transcriptional profiles of different brain structures in prenatal specimens. It was developed by a consortium of research groups in the U.S.

The Aging, Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury Study contains histology, with gene and protein expression patterns and measures of oxidative stress.

The Ivy Glioblastoma Atlas Project aims to explore the anatomic and genetic basis for glioblastoma and includes gene expression, RNA sequencing for corresponding annotated anatomical structures as well as screens for genes enriched in cancer stem cells. This atlas is a joint project with the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation and the Ben and the Swedish Neuroscience Institute.


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