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Adam D'Angelo

Adam D'Angelo

American businessman

Adam D'Angelo is the co-founder and CEO of Quora. D'Angelo was also the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook until 2008, and a year afterward, he founded Quora with Charlie Cheever. He is also an individual investor who has been active since 2017.


D'Angelo starting programming as a hobby when he was in junior high school, and when he attended high school in Philip Exeter Academy, he met Mark Zuckerberg. During their period as students there, he and Zuckerberg created a music recommendation plugin for the music player WinAmp, called Synapse, which received up to $2 million purchase offer from companies such as America Online, WinAmp, and Microsoft. D'Angelo also won a silver medal during the 2002 International Olympiad in Informatics.

D'Angelo studied computer science as an undergraduate at the California Institute of Technology. D'Angelo co-founded Wirehog, alongside Zuckerberg and Andrew K. McCollum. Wirehog was a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing website and was developed as a spinoff of Facebook's features.


August 14, 1984
Adam D'Angelo was born in Connecticut.

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