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AVIWEST is a Saint Grégoire, France-based video broadcasting solution provider offering software and hardware products for livestreaming and broadcasting. The company was acquired by Haivision Systems in February 2022.


AVIWEST is a developer of digital video equipment and solutions for the broadcast and security markets. The company has developed internet protocol-based video contribution systems capable of being used with any portable, in-vehicle, or fixed location video contribution application for broadcasters, producers, and television stations. The company also offers professional support for its products, and it provides cloud services through distribution networks. AVIWEST was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Saint-Grégoire, France.

Acquisition by Haivision

In February 2022, Aviwest was acquired by Haivision for 20.5 million Euros, around 22.5 million USD. Haivision is a Montreal-based provider of real-time video streaming and network solutions, and the acquisition offered Haivision the inclusion of their 5G transmission, mobile video contribution, and network bonding technology.


The StreamHub series is a platform for receiving, decoding, and distributing live video streams from any AVIWEST transmitter or third-party systems. The StreamHub platform is split between the StreamHub receiver, which is a broadcast-grade receiver that supports both SDI and NDI in a single unit, capable of interfacing with legacy or new-generation lie production; and the StreamHub IP Gateway, which is intended to simplify the contribution and distribution workflows of live video, with support for various IP video formats, such as SRT, NDI, RTMP, and HLS, with AVIWEST's patented SST technology for contribution over managed or unmanaged IP network.


LiveGuest is a system offered by AVIWEST allowing users to integrate live interview's conducted over the internet into a live production system to enrich content and allow live broadcasts to include interviews with remote guests. This system works with AVIWEST's StreamHub and is as easy as sending a link to remote guests to enable them to join directly into their production system.


The Manager platform is an advanced network management system that offers end-to-end central management of an AVIWEST ecosystem and can scale from small systems to nationwide deployments. The Manager can be deployed on-premise or operated as a cloud-based solution, giving users the flexibility of both solutions.


The MOJOPRO series of products are a range of mobile applications capable of running on iOS and Android for mobile journalists to broadcast live and high-definition video from the field and from a mobile phone, and it includes the ability to record, edit, and forward video clips. The applications offer camera settings and video and audio editing features designed to allow users to build video stories capable of being broadcasted to video streaming platforms or social networks. The application uses H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video encoding technologies to offer high-quality videos at a low bit rate.

The MOJOPRO applications use AVIWEST's Safe Streams Transport (SST) protocol, which links a smartphone's internal cellular connection and external cellular connection managed by a MiFi module, capable of adapting video encoding bitrate and resolution for network conditions and coping with unpredictable IP network performance.


April 4, 2022
Haivision adds low latency 5G video chops for live broadcasts for AVIWEST.
February 24, 2022
Haivision signs an agreement to acquire AVIWEST for approximately $22.5 million.

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