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eCommerce Infrastructure

eCommerce Infrastructure

Platforms that scale niche brands

Commerce infrastructure is the software and hardware used by brands to distribute, grow, and sell products.

Oftentimes, these eCommerce tools are used by D2C brands, a cohort of sellers that often seeks alternative selling platforms to compete with larger, more established brands. The market is expected to grow. As of May 2020, the global e-commerce market was estimated to be valued at over nine trillion. The bulk of that is made up of B2B sales.

In the United States as of 2019, it is estimated that sales of D2C brands reached over $14 billion in sales. It is forecasted to grow by over 24%, attributable to the increase in online shopping instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the growth in eCommerce sales, increased innovation in AR & VR, and the advent of 5G, a number of startups have been built around the industry, introducing new shopping experiences for consumers and increasing the use of artificial intelligence to further customize shopping experiences while increasing revenues for sellers.


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