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eBSO is the worlds first Value Token. As such, has many unique elements. First the eBSOs price is determined by the synergy of two things: 1. Growing Basic Value 2. Market Added Value.

1. What is Growing Basic Value?

The growing basic value is a concept where the asset has a basic value, but it is not a fixed amount, instead it constantly grows.

The way eBSO achieves this is by creating a community pool, where the company accumulates a percentage of each transaction within the BlockBen ecosystem, which happens either in the company’s dedicated wallet or any company asset transaction on the ethereum blockchain.

The ecosystem of BlockBen includes several tokens: BIT TOP 20+, a crypto index fund BNOx, a gold-based stable coin. eBSO trading + future assets 

It’s easy to see that the more transaction happens in the ecosystem the faster this pool grows, and so does the value of the token: eBSO.

The eBSO Community Gold Pool

The community pool credit the accumulated fees in gold. Gold makes the token more resistant to fluctuations, not only on the crypto- but the conventional market as well. At the time of - the pool has over 58 kg of gold, valued at over 3.2M USD. The eBSO’s community gold pool is regularly audited, insured and being guarded in a secure safe in Zurich, Switzerland buy-back option, that enables people to sell their eBSO at the basic value

2. What is Market Added Value?

It stems from the expectation of holders and sellers on the exchanges where eBSO is tradable. The ecosystem is set to grow continuously through the adoption of each token and the addition of new products.

How Many eBSO Value Tokens Are There in Circulation?

eBSO max supply is 750 million tokens, whereas the total supply is 587322000 tokens, but in circulation is around 12.3 million eBSO.

Who Are the Founders of eBSO?

eBSO is the Value Token of BlockBen Financial Services OU, which has been established in 2018. The company CEO and co-founder is Attila Krocsek, Andras Szabolcsi is the CTO, and Istvan Nagy Head of Sales. All of them has 15+ years experience in their own fields, like the CEO has been working in the financial sector in his career, the CTO has been working in top banks for 15+ years so he knows a lot about security and asset safety.

Now the total team is about 50 people, and about half of it is in the IT department.

Where Can I Buy eBSO?

eBSO is now available on LBank Cryptocurrency Exchange, where it had a successful launch on September 22nd, 2021 with eBSO/USDT pair.


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