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Zatcoin is a cryptocurreny exchange.

With an easy to use anti-scam platform that will only list and validate legitimate tokens and developers. Which will inform platform users and investors which projects are genuine and warn you against potential scams. Zatcoin tools platform will feature industry leading innovations such as contract scanning, launchpad and educational segments for investors known as 'ZAT Academy' which are to be rolled out across Q4 of 2021 and early 2022.

Zatcoin tools aims to provide the community with a streamlined, all-in-one hub Zatcoin will bring you a marketplace and an exchange. While users will benefit from making safer and more informed investment choices through careful vetting of tokens, and access to educational insights whilst also giving developers the chance to certify their projects and prove themselves trustworthy in an industry where rugpulls and honeypots are becoming common place. (contest secret code: protection).

Zat Tools

Use Zat Launchpad to reach real investors. We will build a community based on trust. Any project that is launched on our Launchpad will meet strict guidelines. For example we will verify the team behind the project and contracts will be analysed manually.

Zat Market

Hire developers and marketing professionals through our Marketplace. Do all this without worrying about scams and don't waste any of your time on finding the right teams to work with. Only verified service providers are listed on our marketplace and the money you pay is held by us for safekeeping untill services are delivered.

Hold Zatcoin

Revenue generated through all of Zat's Utilities (, and in 2022 Zat Exchange) will be used to buyback & burn Zatcoin. This will increase its' value over time and you will benefit from this growth in value along the way.

The best exchange to trade MELONx currently is . You can find other exchanges on our .


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