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Yield Hunt

Yield Hunt

NFT play to earn game

Yield Hunt is a NFT play to earn game. Based on Avalanche, it resumes all Wolf Game’s best features and throws them into a beautiful and not so cute world where Adventurers seek for gemstones. Whereas some eyes are watching them…

Only 10,000 Gen 0 can be minted using AVAX.

Not the first, and certainly not the last. But as long as Avalanche is running, your Adventurers and Hunters will survive. Always available and always yours. Your traits and all the pixel art reside in the contracts themselves, nowhere else.

Thanks to Yield Hunt, everyone will be able to play as risky as they want. Want to stay exposed to the market ? You can, want to give a try at keeping all your $GEM, while risking losing it all ? There are multiple strategies that you will be able to adopt. This is what makes the game more exciting.


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