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White Label Loyalty

White Label Loyalty

White Label Loyalty is a cloud-based loyalty platform for businesses.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Leeds, White Label Loyalty is the developer of a marketing platform created to assist businesses in acquiring, understanding, engaging with, and retaining customers. The company's platform offers an approach to customer engagement and loyalty with an event-based system and operates on an API-first and modular basis.

It operates as an end-to-end loyalty solution and as a loyalty engine within a wider marketing stack, allowing businesses to collate first-party customer data and turn them into insights to run data-driven campaigns. The company's infrastructure enables enterprise businesses to integrate the AI-powered loyalty solution into their existing systems. The mobile platform captures and analyzes customer behavior, including transactional data for sales driving and customer retention.

The platform possesses configurable rules in the reactor engine that allow users to reward different kinds of customer behavior. The architecture and modular technology fits various business use cases and serves mid-market and enterprise customers in the retail, consumer, e-commerce, B2B, and other industries. It can be deployed in the Cloud, SaaS, Web, Android, iPhone, or iPad.


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