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VGATE is an is a Operator.

As an operator of ViteX, VGATE is responsible for listing coins, deposit and withdrawal, cryptocurrency marketing and promoting and other services within VGATE's own marketing area.

VGATE has complete capabilities as an operator, namely the capabilities of operating VGATE and its cryptos. In addition to helping users list cryptos, deposit and withdraw, and adjust transaction fees, VGATE can also mint coins, help other operators mint coins and run their gateways.

Listing Process

Vote for Listing

Operator will select a number of tokens from the application form, and community will vote for token listing. Selected tokens will be promoted within the community. We guarantee that the top 3 tokens for each period will be listed for free. The process includes:

Apply for listing → First round screen out → Community voting → Open up gateway → Open trading pairs

Pay for Listing

After paying for the listing fee and the verification, the token will be listed at a certain time. Process includes:

Apply for listing → Contact with VGATE → Open up gateway → Open trading pairs



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