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UniX Gaming is one of the early adopters in the play-to-earn space and has already grown the largest play-to-earn community, with a platform that offers both users and investors a golden chance to earn from the ongoing gaming revolution. Gamers and investors alike can now profit from the new play-to-earn gaming model.

The company puts their focus on players from developing countries with a vision to support the people and fight against the ever-growing issue of poverty. UniX Gaming players who are from the Philippines earn 2–5 times the national average wage, allowing them to support not only themselves but their families as well.

UniX Gaming has a strong focus on creating an engaged community through giveaways, contests, participation in Esport tournaments, education and training.

These are just some of the reasons that their 130k+ strong community is the fastest growing in the play-to-earn space. In future, UniX Gaming will implement more ways for their players to earn through their platform by involving players in other play-to-earn based games, adding more subjects to their free education program and giving their community access to their own game that is currently being developed.


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