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Unchain fund

Unchain fund

Unchain Fund - is a charity project created by blockchain activists.

Friends, we want to share with you what we have achieved in 10 days of work, thanks to your help and support.

Today we have a well-established work of a huge team of the Fund. Donors from all over the world donate cryptocurrency to the Unchain Fund, then the fund selects recipients in Ukraine according to the fund's criteria and principles, and allocates funds either in cryptocurrency or in fiat currency: in hryvnias, dollars and others. We help hundreds of victims throughout Ukraine every day. Our rule of transparency in financial matters remains unshakable. We are accountable to you, our community, and to our common future for the money that the community allocates to help Ukrainians.

During these days we not only helped people, but also built all business processes in parallel and formed the basic postulates of our fund:

1. The main task of the fund - the transfer of funds; direct assistance to those who need it most.

We believe that it is better to finance the most necessary, but for the maximum number of people.

2. Focus on targeted assistance to affected Ukrainians.

We provide funds, according to the received and agreed applications, for humanitarian aid to individuals, individual volunteers, public and volunteer organizations, medical institutions. We do NOT provide funds for uncertain purposes. We do NOT provide funds for the purchase of weapons. We believe that personal assistance is now the best solution. Assistance can be provided once or many times.

3. Our main humanitarian mission is individual/personal assistance here and now to Ukrainians who suffered from the attack of the Russian occupier.

Unchain Fund is people from all over the cryptocurrency world for people from Ukraine.

4. Proven volunteers. We work only with proven volunteers.

We want people on the ground to get real help now. Those specific people received support from the fund. That is why it is especially important for us to cooperate with people for whom decency and honesty are basic values. We have to check the volunteers at the beginning of the cooperation.

5. Full transparency to philanthropists (donors).

We work on the principle of openness and transparency. We are convinced that it is our responsibility to the affected Ukrainians and to the people who made donations to control where, to whom and for what the funds go.

6. Reporting and control of all applications.

It is important not only to send money, but also to see that real help has been received with these funds. An essential part of our work and that of our volunteers is the reports and control of targeted assistance. We are obliged to show the people, philanthropists, who entrust the fund with money, that this money works for the benefit of Ukrainians. Anyone who has donated to the fund should see that its funds really help. After all, the funds received by the fund help, for example, to feed associate professors of the Kharkiv Aviation Institute, or a grandmother who was left alone and has nowhere to run, or take a woman to safety, feed and warm children, buy personal hygiene products and medicines. Only reporting can launch additional funding and motivate people to help more. So we can help even more people. By working completely transparently, preparing and reporting, we help people, our donors, and ourselves.

7. The need to identify and eliminate fraudsters.

We have built a system to detect fraudsters, because even now there are many, and that is why we can not provide assistance as quickly as we would like. This forced bureaucracy allows the allocation of funds to real needy people, not to fraudsters and thieves who, despite the tragic circumstances, seek profit.

8. Clear processes are needed to avoid the chaotic distribution of funds. The importance and value of people in our processes.

The built processes help people within the fund to work quickly and efficiently. Everyone on our team is fully committed to the assistance and the process, and everyone shares the Foundation's mission. Properly constructed processes ensure the work of the fund in the long run. We have built the work of the foundation through clear processes so that we can really help those people who need it faster.

9. Establishment of direct deliveries of humanitarian aid from abroad.

We buy goods, medicines, equipment for ambulances and protective equipment from proven foreign companies. We work not only on the organization of financial processes, but also deal with logistics issues.

10. Long-term help and work.

The war will not end in a moment, it must be understood, and the war leaves terrible consequences. Even after the end of the war, we will still need well-established processes for many months to support the victims and provide resources for relief. We will continue to improve our work with each passing day. Yes, we have already purchased an X-ray (S-Duga) for the Kyiv Regional Children's Clinic. It is needed, for example, to successfully operate on children with bomb fragments. Unfortunately, there are more and more affected children who need such operations. Equipment for medical institutions is what will remain after the war and, we are sure, will help save lives for a long time and in peacetime.

We have created processes in 10 days that allow people from all over the world to help people in Ukraine. We will speak openly about everything we do and will continue to do our best to help the civilian population of Ukraine, which is in danger every minute and suffers from the vile, horrific actions of the Russian army. Together we can help more. Together - we are the power of good and light!

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukrayini!

#Unchain_Ukraine #StandWithUkraine


March 2, 2022
Crypto charity project Unchain raises $1.8M in 5 days to fund humanitarian needs in Ukraine


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