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Trostyanets (football club)

Trostyanets (football club)

"Trostyanets" (Ukrainian: "Trostyanets") is a Ukrainian football club from the city of the same name. Founded in 2015, since the 2021/22 season it has been playing in the Second League of the Ukrainian Championship. Home matches are played at the V. Kutsa Stadium

The club was established in 2015, on the initiative of the mayor of Trostyanets Yuri Bova, on the basis of the public organization "Sport of Trostyanechchiny". Financial support was provided by the city administration and the Trostyanets Chocolate Factory. Soon after the creation, the team announced to participate in the Sumy region championship (the second-level league of the regional championship).

In 2021, the club passed certification for participation in the second league of the championship of Ukraine. Trostyanets made its debut game at the professional level on July 25, 2021, in Nikolaev, having drawn with the local municipal club, with a score of 1:1. The first goal of the team in professional competitions was scored by Andrey Slipukhin.


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