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The Great Patriotic War

The Great Patriotic War is the war of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against Nazi Germany and its European allies (Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Croatia), which began with the invasion of Soviet territory and ended with the liberation of Central and Eastern European countries from fascism; a major part of World War II, which ended with the victory of the Red Army and the unconditional surrender of the German armed forces. In Western countries it is referred to as the "Eastern Front", in Germany - also as the "German-Soviet War".


May 9, 1945
It is considered the Day of Victory of the USSR over Germany in the Great Patriotic War
May 8, 1945
Unconditional surrender of the German armed forces
October 25, 1944
End of Summer-Fall Campaign
June 1944
Start of the Summer-Fall Campaign
April 17, 1944
End of Winter-Spring Campaign
December 24, 1943
Beginning of the Winter-Spring Campaign
October 2, 1943
Completion of the Summer-Fall Campaign
August 7, 1943
Start of the Summer-Fall Campaign
February 19, 1943
End of the Winter Campaign
November 19, 1942
Beginning of the Winter Campaign

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