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Terry Crews

Terry Crews

American football player and actor

Hollywood actor Terry Crews introduced his own cryptocurrency called POWER in March. To do this, he used the Roll platform. According to Kruse, he uses a community in the Discord messenger to distribute his digital currency. There are already 3.34 million tokens in circulation, a total of 10 million coins are planned to be issued.

Krews said that the idea of creating his own cryptocurrency came to him during a recent trip to Milan. There, the actor wanted to buy designer furniture, but he did not have enough money in his bank account. Then he applied to a local bank to get the money, but they refused him there. Krews is sure that the refusal was directly related to the color of his skin. He really likes that the cryptocurrency doesn't care what color of skin the person who owns it is and how old he is


July 30, 1968
Terry Crews was born in Flint.


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