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Cyber Pathway to a BrighterFuture for Mankind

Shaping a brighter future of finance for mankind by forging deep connections with the crypto-communities, stakeholders, governments and the world’s populations to serve human utilities — globally.

While the introduction of new cryptocurrencies is not likely to ebb soon, that is not the driving force

behind TORG.. Instead, it has been conceived as a sustainable and universal solution that takes the current

generation of cryptocurrencies a step further in providing global utility. Human needs linked to currency

are immense, as a store of value enabling utility based transactions in innumerable settings. TORG’s

utility focus extends the notion of regular meme coins to an entirely new concept of employing a

utility-driven value denominator: the utilimemes.

Whereas the use of memes has proven effective at driving rapid interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies,

utilimemes make such adoption more scalable and sustainable by bringing in the additional emphasis on

real utility. Typically a meme coin lasts only until another new meme comes along that captures people’s

imaginations. However, a more sustainable impact is achieved by combining the power of memes with

real utility based use cases.

An example use case could be an expatriate who owns TORG and decides to

channel his remittances home through it. These utilimemes would then be adopted and employed by a

growing number of other and even new owners who find it a superior way of making remittances.

Another use case could be of a TORG owner who decides to use it to transfer money to their children

studying abroad, which would then enable utilimemes for people across the world to do the same. In this

fashion, utilimemes would also drive rapid global acceptance of TORG.

TORG is driven by a clear sense of mission and a philosophy that connects technology to human

liberation and empowerment. It aims to become a truly global and decentralized, yet trusted and futuristic,


TORG has been conceived at a higher level than just a technological solution. It has several components

that combine to create a cryptocurrency ecosystem that addresses the various tradeoffs that have become

the bane of current competitive offerings. In fact, TORG charters blue ocean waters to address the

conflicting premises of regulation and decentralization, sustainability and independence, anonymity and


Sounds too good to be true; not when you realize that this can be achieved by design. The key

components of the TORG, including the Coin, the Foundation, financial service providers, different

independant and strategic investment arms are mutually reinforcing, mission-driven and utility-focused.

Meme based currencies are seeing an unprecedented popularity, driven by rapidly growing interest and a

mushrooming of new coins. Typically named after different animal memes, and variously claiming to be ‘the next

Bitcoin’, ‘the next Dogecoin’, or ‘the first, truly 100% Decentralized Currency’, etc., these new coins are going all

out to draw the attention of the world’s young risk-takers.

Decentralisation is the essence of blockchain and in its fullest sense would mean for a currency to be bank-less and border-less, and its cryptography, ownerless. There is a strong case to incorporate complete decentralization in

cryptocurrencies, but that requires more than just a pure cryptocurrency software development focus. It involves

building sustainable checks and balances into the software and the rules governing it, which expands manifold the effort needed for a new launch. It is easy to see that the recent slew of meme coin launches conveniently

side-stepped this goal, and instead focused on gaining rapid projection in a very keen investment, read speculative, environment.

Contemplating the above scenarios, we launched TORG on 20th July 2021, where, both the total and the max supply of TORG is 777 Billion (777,000,000,000) and the current circulating supply is 100%.

This perpetual decentralized organism has no centralized control, or no central leadership, is out of reach of any

bank or government, no central repository of information, no central point of failure, with borderless access, where the community will decide and take charge.

A Cent per cent distribution (100%) is made of all the supplies to the open market. So anyone and everyone has to place orders on the open markets, creating a fair, democratic, equitable and complete distribution. Even the Issuer, TORG Associates, Developers, Marketers, and all other teams will also have to get the TORG from the open markets, like you or anybody else. This helps make it highly transparent and trusted. As part of this 100%

transparency, the transactions, and ownership are completely visible to all.

“In TORG philosophy the community is in charge and we the

community can change it for The Better — Together.”

TORG’s uniqueness stems not from the individual features that are already present variously in the plethora of coins launched recently, but in the completeness of its conceptualization as a decentralized currency built on conscious balancing of the inherently conflicting, but still desirable, characteristics of decentralization, security, sustainability (managed volatility) and usability. Ostensibly, although the recent alt coin introductions have focused on aspects of decentralization and security, they have mostly ignored sustainability and usability, almost by design. They have, in fact, ended up feeding the market appetite for speculation by allowing even extreme volatility.

Sustainability and usability may even be linked. They require a very different approach, as well, as the focus shifts from speculation to sustainable institutionalization. This sustainability can only be achieved if the currency is made available rapidly for an ever growing range of everyday use cases. The most obvious and initial use cases may be linked to the need for effortless, efficient and instantaneous transfer of funds. However, the widest variety of everyday currency use cases are linked not as much to speed as to security, reliability and trust. This is an area where the traditional fiat currencies are most entrenched, and as TORG develops a growing number of use cases here, it will also start becoming a truly decentralized and sustainable crypto-currency that can become a game changer in driving economic change and human development.

The TORG FOUNDATION Grant Program's aim is towards the betterment of the Blockchain and Crypto Economy

and carefully managing the resources while expanding utilities for the TORG for the ecosystem. It links with the

Mission and the TORG value proposition to create opportunities for human development and betterment, with a

special focus on youth and the marginalized populations of the world, including the poor, the unbanked and the

economically constrained. The Foundation and the Grant Program aim to explore, expand and pursue a growing set of opportunities to link the TORG to this concept of global utility.


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