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TEA networks

TEA networks

TEA networks is a Turkey-based company specializing in wireless networks.

TEA networks is a global software provider of Wi-Fi CPE and connectivity devices. The Turkey-based company was established in 2018 and serves ISPs, CPE providers, and smart connected devices companies.

TEA Networks' portfolio includes TEA Predictive Optimization Technology (TEApot), which identifies anomalies in-home wireless networks and offers real-time visibility into domestic Wi-Fi problems via TEA management software with failure prediction features. TEApot Cloud combines external data sources that allow the monitoring of the home network, such as product conditions, operations, and usage.

TEApot Device is an embedded client software that is compliant with EasyMesh™, controls product functions, and can be customized for the user experience.

TEA networks offers AI-based WiFi management solutions to ISPs and other service providers. TEApot manages networks with different vendor access points and enables remote network management and predictive analytics via cloud integration. The TEAdash dashboard portrays real-time information according to region, subscriber, access point, and client device key performance indicators (KPIs) for business insights. TEAnest is a network setup tool that offers installation, configuration, and troubleshooting solutions.


October 20, 2021
TEA networks raises a $1,164,220 seed round.
January 1, 2019
TEA networks raises a $81,708 grant.

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