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T-Serv is a car repair service in Bangalore.

We understand that you expect your car to function at its best at all times. As a result, our auto mechanic team provides dependable and superior preventive car maintenance services in Bangalore to save you money on costly repairs and breakdowns.

With well-trained specialists experienced in attentive servicing of all makes and models, including new cars, your driving safety is our first priority. We do not begin work on your car until you have given us the thumbs up to begin!

General Car Repairs

We inspect every element of the car before starting the repair

  • We test the functionality of every component of your car.
  • We treat every car as unique & offer a customized service.
  • We find the root cause of underlying damages.

Periodic Car Maintenance

We at T-Serv offer periodic maintenance services for any car model. With our car care services, your car is guaranteed with enhanced reliability, safety, performance and durability.

Professional Car Wash & Car Spa Services

T-Serv provide professional car cleaning and spa services to our clients with advanced cleaning technology to ensure that all your vehicle interiors and exteriors are cleaned thoroughly.

Car Body and Paint Works

At T-Serv, we offer expert car body and car paint works for all the car models. Our trained technicians provide the best paint and body repairs for your car Car dent removal is necessary to keep your car beautiful and we keep our promise.


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