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Sweet Farm

Sweet Farm

Sweet Farm is a non-profit animal sanctuary and sustainable farm located in in Half Moon Bay, California that was founded in 2015 by Anna Sweet and Nate Salpeter.

Sweet Farm is a non-profit organization located in Half Moon Bay, California that was founded by Anna Sweet and Nate Salpeter in 2015. Sweet Farm is an animal sanctuary, heirloom vegetable farm, and tech haven dedicated to creating a humane and sustainable world through education, inspiration, and innovation. To achieve this mission, we combine animal rescue and rehabilitation, hands-on agricultural programs, and positive educational experiences that empower people to take personal steps that make profound impacts on the lives of farm animals with the goal of one day bringing an end to factory farming.

Sweet Farm is completely funded by grants and public donations. Every donation Sweet Farm receives goes directly to feeding and caring for animals, and to fund educational and community outreach programs. The farm consists of 12 acres of coastal farmland and offers the community a U-Pick program which allows people to come to their farm and pick their own seasonal, heirloom vegetables, berries, and flowers that are grown on their farm.


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