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Svitanak is a belarusian company for the production of knitwear founded in 1975.

JSC "Svitanak" ("Svitanak", "Svitanok"; Belarusian AAT "Svitanak") is a Belarusian company for the production of knitwear, located in the city of Zhodino, Minsk Region. The largest manufacturer of knitwear in the Republic of Belarus.

Translated from the Belarusian language, “svitanak” means dawn, dawn.


The knitting factory in the city of Zhodino, Minsk region, was put into operation in December 1975. Until 1991, the enterprise was called the Zhodino Industrial Sewing and Knitwear Association of the Ministry of Light Industry of the BSSR. On May 24, 1991, the enterprise was transformed into the Zhodino industrial and commercial knitwear firm "Svitanak" of the Ministry of Light Industry of the BSSR (since September 19 - the Republic of Belarus). On May 2, 1993, the departmental subordination was changed: the enterprise was transferred to the Bellegprom concern (Belarusian state concern for the production and sale of light industry goods). On December 21, 1994, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint stock company

Current state

In 2017, the enterprise produced 4133 thousand pieces of children's underwear, 378 thousand nursery underwear, 2802 thousand women's underwear, 1971 thousand men's underwear, 1544 thousand pieces of children's tops, 826 thousand women's tops, 317 thousand men's tops, 117 thousand other products, 55.2 tons of knitted fabric, 83 thousand pieces of hosiery. The total revenue of the enterprise in 2017 amounted to 58 million rubles. (about 29 million dollars), net profit - 2.9 million rubles. (about $1.4 million). 68% of sales fell on the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus, 32% - for export (the main sales markets are Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany).

The company employs 1960 people: 129 in the management apparatus and 1831 industrial and production personnel.

In the structure of the enterprise there are 5 main workshops - knitting, dyeing and finishing, preparatory cutting and two sewing workshops. The company has 5 territorial branches in Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk and Mogilev regions, which operate 45 branded stores.



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Производство ОАО "Свiтанак" в городе Жодино

February 27, 2018

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