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Recommendations from an experienced player

Greetings to all lovers of betting. I have been doing this interesting and very nerve-wracking activity for 14 years. And over these 14 years, I have made some observations that I would like to share with you.

Where does the choice of rates begin? With a coefficient, with a match, with the amount you want to approximate? No. The choice starts with your psychological state. In this article, I would like to begin to warn (and not so) bettors how not to merge in advance and not become an enemy to oneself. Of course, these rules are for people who borrow money, not $10 for beer, and want to approach the issue in a balanced way and with all weapons.

1) Of course, it does not apply to everyone, because not everyone abuses, but still. Bet on a sober head, alcohol imperceptibly intoxicates the brain and unjustified risk begins. There was a case; he woke up with a drink, with the thought of what I had done, and why it was necessary to put it. Partying аnd match analysis are incomparable.

2) Whatever your game bank is, and whatever goals you pursue, never bet All-in. Bad business. No matter how sure it may seem. In life there is always a place for chance, and no one has repealed the law of meanness.

3) No wagering. Lost? It happens to everyone, even the most ingenious and successful cappers are periodically mistaken. No "I urgently need to fight back", frantic searches for a match where it would be possible to return the lost and so on. It didn't work, well, to hell with it. Will come in next time. Only the next time should be at least a couple of hours later (to the extreme), and preferably the next day. After the defeat, you are intoxicated no worse than after 200 grams of vodka. To bet and be in the black, you must be calm. Have a beer, go somewhere, watch your favorite porn movie at last. But not just instant wagering. You'll only make it worse.

4) This is a completely clinical case. Don't gamble. Or, God forbid, on other people's money. Subconsciously you will feel threatened and your brain will start working differently. Fear will begin, sorting out options, a slight panic; in general, you will be taken out of balance. And this is more than half a step before losing. Why do this?

5) After good wins, take a break. It is not necessary to abstain altogether. Just bet 1% of the pot and you're good to go. The feeling of invulnerability and self-confidence is a dangerous thing.

Here is a set of small rules. Tested on yourself or on people you know. And remember that when you bet giving money to the booth, or throwing it into the account of an online bookmaker, you must understand that this is no longer your money, and subconsciously be ready for defeat. I hope this article will save you from rash bets. The goal of any player is to beat the bookmaker, but this requires analysis, not Excitement.


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