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Source Insight

Source Insight

Source Insight parses source code, maintains its database of symbolic information while users work, and automatically presents contextual information.

Source Insight is the code browser. This software is agile and lightweight and has many useful features so necessary for coders.

The programming editor helps coders fastly understand and simplify the work with a large codebase.

The main benefit, as many says, is to hasten the comprehension of unfamiliar code due to the special functions.

Like the built-in dynamic analysis in the code browser. Source Insight can work with many languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, and others.

This code browser was popular for more than 15 years, but since it was designed only to run on Windows, due to the increasing popularity of other operating systems coders using this program editor less and less.


It provides smart-rename, and code snippets. Source Insight makes coders' work more clear by seeing where functions and objects are used in the existing codebase as well as indicating the class inheritance and function call trees.

Easier search by code navigation shortcuts. It parses the whole project code and shows syntax highlighting, so coders can automatically navigate and edit project code.

One more important feature that helps for faster comprehension is 'ifdef support' and also conditional parsing. These features make it possible to easily find and see the inactive parts of code.

It uses different colors to display variables depending on its characteristics (local, global, static, function arguments, or undefined).


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