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City in Crimea, Ukraine

Simferopol is a large city in the southern part of Russia. It is a cultural, administrative, industrial and scientific center of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. This is the center of the Simferopol region, however, it is not part of the region, but is one of a dozen cities of republican subordination. Simferopol is located in the very center of the Crimean peninsula and covers an area of ​​107 square kilometers. From ancient Greek, the name of the city is translated as "City of Use". At the time of the conquest of the Crimea by the Tatars, the city was called Akmeschit (white mosque). Citizens celebrate City Day on the first Saturday of June.

The city is divided into 3 districts: Kievsky, Central, Zheleznodorozhny. During the construction process, many nearby villages were attached to the city, which are now considered microdistricts of Simferopol.

The climate of the region is quite mild. In winter, the temperature drops slightly below 0 degrees, and in summer it approaches +40.

Simferopol is a city actively engaged in industry. The main industries are light and food industries and machine building. There are more than 70 enterprises in the city that manufacture a variety of products for the entire peninsula (they produce household chemicals, plastic goods, ship automation systems, power tools, fabrics and clothing, leather products, essential oils and medicines based on them, canned products and much more. ).

Simferopol, among other things, is also the most important transport hub, as it is located in the very heart of Crimea. Most of the transport links are tied to this city. Here are the railway station, international and regional airports, bus station and bus stations. In addition, here is located, entered in the Guinness Book of Records, the longest trolleybus line connecting the city with Alushta and Yalta. Inside the city itself, the most common transport is also trolleybuses, fixed-route taxis and buses.

Most of the universities of republican and national significance are located in the city, among which are Taurida National University named after V.I. Vernadsky, Agrarian, Medical, Pedagogical Universities, the National Academy of Environmental and Resort Construction, etc. there are also 12 secondary specialized institutions in the city, among which the only motor transport technical school on the peninsula is of particular importance. There are 37 vocational schools that teach more than 50 professions. And it is also worth noting the research institutes of the Ukrainian and Crimean Academy of Sciences, the Crimean Center for Hydrometeorology and the Seismic Center.

Due to the fact that the Crimea was for a long time in the possession of the Crimean Tatars, this had a great influence on the appearance of the city. The last census showed that about 7% of the Tatars still live here, which explains the location of the Kebir Jami mosque in the city, as well as some architectural solutions in the appearance of Simferopol.

In the capital of the Crimean peninsula, there are local history, art and ethnographic museums, theaters of drama and musical comedy, the Russian Academic Drama Theater named after. M. Gorky, Crimean Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theatre, puppet theater, philharmonic society, circus. There is a house-museum of Ilya Selvinsky. In addition, the State Archive of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, which is the central branch, is located here.

There are about 20 parks and squares in the city, where residents and guests of Simferopol can relax in the fresh air. The main street in the city is Kirov Avenue, and the longest street Kievskaya has a length of more than 6 kilometers.

Local attractions are varied. Here you can see architectural monuments, museums, reserves, sculptures, memorial steles, obelisks, busts and even trees that are already 5 centuries old.


Simferopol was born.

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