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Soviet Union

Soviet Union

1922–1991 country in Europe and Asia.

The USSR is a state that existed from 1922 to 1991. The Soviet Union at the time of the destruction settled nearly one-sixth of the populated land of the planet. The number of inhabitants of the USSR was 294 million people.

The highest group bodies performed the functions of supranational administration. The apparatus of the Central Committee of the CPSU worked permanently. His impact was colossal, employees were set on a par with government administrators.

The supreme legislative and representative body was formally the 2-chamber Supreme Soviet of the USSR, which consisted of the Council of the Union and the Council of Nationalities. It was directed by the Presidium.

The ideology that reigned in the USSR

  • The heroic image of a simple man - disciplined, hardworking, devoted to power, irreconcilable to parasites and enemies of socialism.
  • Internationalism - ideas of friendship and mutual assistance between "fraternal public". Significant funds were allocated to support foreign communist parties.
  • The desire to transform the environment to the needs of Soviet society. The development of virgin lands, air and outer area, the construction of canals, roads, power plants - all this was romanticized, overwhelmed the media.

Industrialization began in 1927: old enterprises were actively rebuilt, new ones were built.

The principal causes for the collapse of the USSR lay in a rigidly centralized system of government, an inefficient economy, and an uneven distribution of resources between the center and regions, which additionally “warmed up” centrifugal nationalist tendencies.


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