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RomeDAO is The Reserve Currency of Kusama & Polkadot

Aligning the DAO behind the long-term vision for our grand strategy RPG.

We recently aligned around the four sources of revenue for the DAO. Core to the DAO’s vision is our gaming team’s work on APYRPG. We are finally ready to unveil the high-level spec of what we’re working towards on this front. We’ll share pieces on the other 3 pillars in the coming days and weeks.

NFTs and gaming are core to the future of crypto. Expressing in-game items, characters, and other game features as infinitely composable and tradeable assets puts the control directly into the hands of players.

While certain aspects of various games’ front-ends may be centralized and lack censorship resistance, the actual items and in-game entities are player-owned and properly censorship resistant. The Kusama ecosystem is perhaps more passionate about the future of gaming and NFTs than any other ecosystem.

Why do we call what we’re building an APYRPG? Because simply put, the games we build are directly on top of the Olympus model for a sustainable reserve currency. We believe many game economies lack the economic design thought required for sustainable growth; the Olympus model presents a solution. Games that build using the ROME token are tapping into a robust and sustainable currency with natural composability through the rest of the ecosystem.

In this piece, we outline our vision for APYRPG and how we’ll seek to prove the above thesis. We outline our gaming team’s plans, campaign-by-campaign.

We showcase the three phases of expanding Rome: substructure/foundational Rome, the Roman Republic when Rome expanded its reach, and Imperial Rome, when the grand Roman Empire spread out over multiple continents.


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