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Roman Madyanov

Roman Madyanov

Russian actor

Roman Sergeevich Madyanov born July 22, 1962 is a Soviet and Russian actor. Madyanov's career in cinema began as a child actor when he starred as Huckleberry Finn in Hopelessly Lost (1973). He is best known in the West for portraying the corrupt mayor Vadim in the 2014 film Leviathan.


Roman Madyanov was born on July 22, 1962 in the city of Dedovsk, Moscow Region. His father, Sergei Veniaminovich Madyanov, worked as a television editor, and mother Antonina Mikhailovna as a librarian.

Roman Madyanov's father worked as a director on television and often took Roman and his elder brother Vadim to work. There he was noticed by assistants of directors which led him to have his cinematic debut in 1971 in an episodic role in the film "Translation from English".

In 1973, starred in the leading role of Huckleberry Finn in the picture by Georgiy Daneliya Hopelessly Lost. In his school years Roman Madyanov also starred in the films "Aniskin and Fantomas", "Spring Turners" and "Everything is Brother's Fault".

Madyanov graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (course O. Remez), playing in the theatrical performance of director Kama Ginkas. As a student he began to play at the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater. He was drafted in the army and served in the forces of rocket and space defense. After serving in the army in 1987 he returned to the theater. In the state of the theater Madyanov was about twenty years old, having played about thirty roles.

In 1989, Madyanov appeared in the Leonid Gaidai film Private Detective, or Operation Cooperation.

He also took part in the filming of the Yeralash magazine, a number of commercials.

In 1995, Roman Madyanov was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation".


July 22, 1962
Roman Madyanov was born in Dedovsk.


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