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Rapid Oxygen

Rapid Oxygen

The Rapid Oxygen Company is a medical technology company that primarily develops, manufactures and markets, portable oxygen generators used to deliver emergency oxygen to the commercial and consumer markets.

Rapid Oxygen is a Connecticut-based medical device company manufacturing a portable emergency oxygen system. Founded in 2016 by Richard Imbruce, a PhD in Pulmonary Physiology and advocate for emergency safety protocols, Rapid Oxygen designed and developed their portable oxygen system, the R15, in conjunction with the University of Michigan.

The R15 is a patented rapid response oxygen system for airway and cardiac emergencies is operable without certification or training. Their system is a non-explosive oxygen system permitted anywhere oxygen cylinders are restricted by law.

The R15 meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines for portable chemical oxygen generators, and produces 100% humidified oxygen at flows greater than 6 liters per minute for more than fifteen minutes. The use cases for the R15 include public transportation hubs, schools, home safety, manufacturing, workplace, oxygen concentrator backup, fitness centers, hotels and resorts, day care, disaster relief, country clubs, and other public areas much like AED's are distributed.


June 14, 2018
Rapid Oxygen raises a $3,500,000 venture round.
June 1, 2018
Rapid Oxygen raises a $1,500,000 venture round.
June 14, 2016
Rapid Oxygen raises a $500,000 venture round from Connecticut Innovations.

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June 6, 2019


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