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PlaySay is a language learning company acquired by Berlin-based Babbel founded in 2007 by Ryan Meinzer.

PLAYSAY: Acquired by Berlin-based Babbel; terms of the deal remain undisclosed. The two companies were founded in 2008 to develop mobile language learning tools, although they focused on different markets (PlaySay on the U.S., Babbel on Europe). PlaySay founder and CEO Ryan Meinzer will act as "strategic advisor" for Babbel while joining the Heroku team for his full-time gig. The SF-based company had previously raised a total of $820K from the likes of Novak Biddle. More details in the press release.


April 1, 2013
One player in that market - the Berlin, Germany-based Babbel - just knocked out a competitor through acquisition, hoping to absorb its users and some of its talent.

Babbel's acquisition of PlaySay almost two weeks ago for an undisclosed figure is part of a larger strategy to break into US markets.

January 24, 2011
PlaySay raises a $50,000 seed round from Sean Glass.
September 1, 2008
PlaySay raises a $20,000 seed round from Kevin Yu.

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