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Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

Irish actor, film producer, and environmentalist


He was born on May 16, 1953, in a small Irish town.

His father, a weaver, abandoned the family when his son was a baby. Pierce did not even know his father's name and met him when he was already a celebrity, when he was over thirty. Nevertheless, his youngest son Brosnan named after his frivolous grandfather.

When Brosnan was very young, his mother left him to his parents and went to London to work as a nurse. She was able to see the baby only a couple of times a year. After his grandparents died, Pierce was in the care of an aunt and uncle, who sent the boy to school of the Brethren - to this day Brosnan refers to religion with a shudder. Brosnan was reunited with his mother only when he was eleven years old - they moved to the suburbs of London, where he began studying at a local school.

At fifteen, after dropping out of school, Brosnan began his artistic journey - first in the circus fire swallower, after - painter-illustrator, and then an actor in the experimental theater "Oval House".

In 1973 Brosnan joined the London Drama Center, where he studied for 3 years. In parallel Brosnan played on the stages of London theaters, where in 1978 he met his love in the face of actress Cassandra Harris. The wedding took place on December 27, 1980.

He made his debut on the professional stage in 1976. Pierce has played all the classic roles - from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. From the latter for the brilliant performance of one of the roles Brosnan even received a telegram of thanks, which still hangs in his home in a precious frame.

In 1981, Brosnan landed a role in the American TV series "The Manions of America", which has gained popularity. Brosnan moves with his family to the United States. His fame increased after the NBC detective series "Remington Steele".

Unfortunately, around the same time Brosnan's wife was diagnosed with cancer... She struggled to survive for several years and died in her husband's arms in December 1991...

Trying to get over the pain of this loss, Brosnan went headlong into his work.

In 1992 he starred in the cult "Lawnmower", in 1993 - in "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Robin Williams, as well as in several little-known TV movie.

It was then that he was offered the role of James Bond and since then his life has merged with the fate of the most famous movie character. Bond is not just a character in a movie series, it is the philosophy and lifestyle of an entire generation. Bond jokes, Bond tastes, Bond parodies were a kind of password for strong, ironic men who know the taste and meaning of this life. Now it's hard to imagine another 007 agent - without those squinted steel eyes, handsome smile and understated Brosnan passion. The success of Bond-Brosnan surpassed all expectations. He became much more popular than Connery - the picture "Golden Eye" (1995), "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997), "License to Kill" had a truly fantastic box office success.

However, despite the popularity that brought Brosnan this role, the actor is not going to dwell on this image, continuing to appear in various films. Brosnan was invited to the most successful paintings and blockbusters. In the career of Pierce fantastic number of characters of the romantic and adventurous tone.

Pierce Brosnan was named America's most handsome man twice in a row and was nominated for the Golden Globe. By organizing his own film company, as a producer Brosnan released several paintings.

Personal life Pierce also began to improve - in August 2001 he married journalist Kelly Shay Smith, with whom he met in 1994. In January 1997 they had a son.


May 16, 1953
Pierce Brosnan was born in Drogheda.


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