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Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale

Peter Vitale is a Michigan-based insurance consultant, small business owner, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Owner of Bloomfield Insurance Group LLC, and member of the Better Business Bureau.

Peter Vitale, a native of southeast Michigan, is an entrepreneur and a self-described insurance enthusiast. Since 2014, he has been the owner of the Bloomfield Insurance Group in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In addition, Vitale works as an insurance consultant, helping small and medium-sized business owners in the insurance industry scale, grow, and streamline operations. In his capacity as an insurance consultant, he often recruits and hires staff, helps to retain existing staff, helps develop or modify marketing plans and helps agencies change product offerings as the insurance industry evolves. Within this role, Vitale aims to help struggling businesses with which he works to pivot and recover.

Vitale sits on the board of directors of the southeast Michigan Better Business Bureau.

Prior to opening the Bloomfield Insurance Group, Peter Vitale worked for Allstate Insurance as an Executive Account Manager from 2012 to 2014, and earned numerous Allstate awards, including the North Central Region Honor Ring. He was also a “Miami Heat” qualifier at Allstate Insurance. Vitale eventually opened his own Allstate franchise in 2014. During this time, Peter and his team were awarded as the fastest growing agency in 2016.



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