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Michigan's economy is very diverse; agriculture, mining, food processing, woodworking, tourism and other industries are well developed here. But, undoubtedly, the "main" direction in the economy of Michigan is the automotive industry.

Just like in other states of the United States, in the territory of the modern state of Michigan, many centuries before the arrival of Europeans, the indigenous inhabitants of the North American continent, the Indians, lived here.

The Indian tribes of Ojibwe, Ottawa, Potawatomi (these three peoples formed an alliance known as the "Council of Three Lights"), Menominee, Wyandots (Hurons) and others lived on the Michigan peninsulas.

The first European explorer came to the lands of Michigan in 1620 (according to other sources in 1622). It was the Frenchman Etienne Brule, who explored the Great Lakes region and visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

In 1800, the Michigan lands became part of the Indiana Territory, and in 1805 the Michigan Territory was created. During the Anglo-American War of 1812–15 Michigan was recaptured by the British, the United States retook Detroit in 1813 after winning the "Battle of Lake Erie".

In 1837 Michigan became the twenty-sixth state of the United States.

Michigan's largest city, Detroit, now has about 670,000 people (and about 4,320,000 people in the metropolitan area that has grown up around it). The state capital, Lansing, has about 120,000 inhabitants.

National parks in Michigan

Michigan has one national park, Isle Royale. The park is located on numerous (about four hundred) islands and is named after the largest of them (more than seventy kilometers long and up to fourteen wide). The archipelago of the park is located on Lake Superior, on the border of the United States and Canada.

The islands of Isle Royale are predominantly covered by mixed forests, which are home to numerous animals (including wolves and elks). On Royal Island, the remains of copper mines, both prehistoric and existing in the 19th century, have been preserved. In the coastal waters of the park, you can see several almost intact shipwrecks that have become victims of shipwrecks due to harsh weather conditions and difficult underwater terrain.

Isle Royale National Park was established in 1940. Royal Island can only be reached by water transport or seaplanes, therefore, despite a well-developed tourist infrastructure, this is one of the least visited national parks in the United States of America.

Michigan state symbols

Tree Weymouth (eastern white) pine (Pínus strobus)

 Flower apple tree flowers (Malus)

 Wild flower dwarf lake iris (Iris lacustris)

 Beast white-tailed (virginian) deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus, unofficial)

 Bird wandering thrush (Turdus migratorius)

 Fish American char (Palia, Salvelinus fontinalis)

 Reptile painted turtle (Chrysemys picta)

 Precious (ornamental) stone chlorastrolite and Petoska stone

 Fossil mastodon (Mammut americanum)

 Song "My Michigan" (My Michigan, music by Clint O'Reilly, lyrics by Giles Cavanagh)

The largest city in the state is Detroit, with over 900 thousand people (11th place in the USA). Other major cities in Michigan are Grand Rapids (about 200,000 inhabitants), Warren (about 135,000 inhabitants), Sterling Heights (about 125,000 inhabitants). About 115,000 people live in the state capital, Lansing.

The largest urban agglomerations in Michigan formed around Detroit (about 4,400,000 people, 11th in the US) and Grand Rapids (about 800,000 people).

The largest ethnic (national) groups among the population of the state of Michigan:

Germans about 22%

 Descendants of immigrants from Africa (African Americans) about 14%

 Irish about 12%

 English about 11%

 Poles about 9%

 French (or Canadians of French ancestry) about 7% It is obvious that immigrants from Europe predominate among the inhabitants of Michigan. In addition to the listed ethnic groups, we can mention a significant number of descendants of immigrants from the Scandinavian countries, primarily Finns living on the Upper Peninsula.

Michigan's economy is very diverse; agriculture, mining, food processing, woodworking, tourism and other industries are well developed here. But, undoubtedly, the "main" direction in the economy of Michigan is the automotive industry.

It is here, in the area of ​​​​the metropolis of the "world's automobile capital" Detroit, that the headquarters of the "big three" American car manufacturers are located: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. More than four thousand enterprises operate in the state, from very small to giant ones, one way or another connected with the automotive industry.

The area of ​​the Upper Peninsula is almost 43,000 km2, which is about a third of the land area of ​​Michigan. The eastern part of the Upper Peninsula is lowland, often marshy. In the west, there are several low (up to 600 meters above sea level) hills and plateaus, part of the Laurentian Upland.

There are about 4,300 inland lakes on the Upper Peninsula, the area of ​​the largest of them, Lake Gojbik, is 54 km2.

More than a third of the Upper Peninsula is covered with dense forests, the animal world of which is extremely diverse. Bears, moose, deer, wolves, foxes, otters, martens, lynxes, coyotes, hares, chipmunks, squirrels, raccoons, hawks, gulls, tits, robins, woodpeckers, bald eagles, snakes, turtles, salamanders and many other animals live here , birds and reptiles.

The rivers and lakes of Michigan's Upper Peninsula are rich in fish, including walleye, trout, salmon, and other species.


April 2019
Michigan natural history museum reopening to public in April

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