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Okeano is an Oviedo-based web search engine company founded in 2020.

Okeano is a search engine based in Oviedo, Spain, founded in 2020, that uses 80% of its profits to help end river and ocean plastic pollution.

Okeano has a focus on protecting the privacy and identities of its users and thus doesn't track the number of actives users. Searches aren't tied to individuals in accordance with their privacy policy. It also proxies all external content (e.g. images) through their servers.

Okeano provides the option of a “domain blocklist” allowing users to omit specific domains in their searches. It is the only search engine to provide this feature, as of November 2020. Okeano also has an additional feature of !waves - a command that allows users to directly search on other websites. For example, the command “!w” followed by a search term, will directly open the Wikipedia page of the term, if available. Okeano can be added as the default search engine on Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and other popular browsers.

Okeano uses its profits to purchase river interceptors, a device developed by the Ocean Cleanup Project, which intercepts plastic and other waste in rivers before it reaches the world's oceans. According to the Ocean Cleanup Project, river interceptors are “100% solar-powered, extract plastic autonomously, and are capable of operating in the majority of the world’s most polluting rivers.”



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