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Obie was an AI agent that could answer frequently asked questions by accessing tools like Confluence, Google Drive, Jira, Dropbox, etc.


Obie was an AI platform that integrated documentation into a single source. The company was founded in September 2015 and was based in San Francisco. Obie integrated with existing knowledge tools and service desks, and gave organizations a single place to access documentation and route internal requests.

For customer support and people ops, Obie provided a single source for tracking insights, requests, and data. Obie could also standardize sales enablement. Obie suggested answers to frequently asked questions, and could integrate with tools such as Google Drive and ReadMe. It had a self-serve ITSM workflow that lived entirely in Slack. Obie allowed ticket-routing directly via Slack to improve communication between Jira Service Desk and Slack.

On Jul 29, 2021, it was announced that Obie was acquired by Lessonly Inc. for an undisclosed amount. At this time, Obie was also rebranded to Lessonly Knowledge.


July 29, 2021 acquired by Lessonly, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Rebranded to Lessonly Knowledge.
January 2020 raises a $765,000 seed round from Conconi Growth Partners.
September 2015 was founded by Alex Sopinka, Chris Buttenham and Ravinda Seunath.

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