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New Mexico

State of the United States of America

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Thyagaraju Adinarayan
June 11, 2020
The reality that the coronavirus crisis is far from over is threatening a blistering equity market rally that had taken some world indexes to fresh highs.
Cody Nelson in Santa Fe, New Mexico
June 10, 2020
the Guardian
The Chaco culture national historical park, in New Mexico. Photograph: Richard Susanto/Getty Images/Flickr RF
May 29, 2020
Houston Chronicle
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - A record number of captive-born wolf pups has been placed into the wild as part of an effort by federal and state wildlife managers to boost the genetic diversity among Mexican gray wolves in the Southwestern United States. The interagency team announced the results of this season's cross-fostering program Thursday. They say the work of integrating the 20 pups into the wild wolf packs took place over a six-week period in April and May. A dozen pups were fostered into four packs in eastern Arizona, and a total of eight were spread among three packs in western New Mexico. Cross-fostering involves placing pups less than 14 days old from captive breeding populations into wild dens with similarly aged pups to be raised as wild wolves. The wolf recovery team says cross-fostered pups have the same survival rate as wild-born pups in their first year of life and survival rates using the technique are generally higher than other wolf release methods. "Managing genetics is one of the biggest challenges facing Mexican wolf conservation, even as constant progress is being made on numeric recovery," said Jim deVos with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. "Science has proven that cross-fostering young pups works in increasing genetic diversity." The captive-born pups came from litters at facilities in Missouri, Kansas, California, Arizona and New Mexico. This marked the first time the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has participated in the cross-fostering effort since rejoining the recovery program last year. State officials say the added cooperation helped given the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Since 2014, the wolf recovery team has documented at least 10 cross-fostered wolves surviving to the end of the year and...
Sarah Perez
May 28, 2020
Amazon customers in nearly a dozen more U.S. states are now able to use their SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits to purchase groceries online, the retailer announced on Thursday. The news represents a significant expansion of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) pilot program introduced in 2019 that aimed to open up online grocery shopping [...]
Benjamin Storrow
May 27, 2020
Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
Yvette Cabrera
May 19, 2020
A BLM plan could mean 3,000 new oil and gas wells in an area facing severe COVID-19 outbreaks and particulate matter pollution.
Eric Berger
May 8, 2020
Ars Technica
LauncherOne to cap eight years of development with upcoming flight.
By SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN, Associated Press
May 1, 2020
Houston Chronicle
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Virgin Galactic's spaceship VSS Unity landed in the New Mexico desert on Friday, marking its first glide flight from Spaceport America as the company moves toward commercial operations. The company announced the flight on social media and shared photos of the craft on the runaway and members of the crew stationed far apart around the special carrier plane that ferries the smaller spaceship to high altitude. After years of development and testing at Mojave Air & Space Port in Mojave, California, Virgin Galactic is close to starting actual operations at its futuristic terminal and hangar in southern New Mexico. The company has not set a date for the first commercial flights but has said it anticipates doing so in 2020. A small number of test flights are needed before Virgin Galactic can take paying customers on supersonic thrill rides to the lower reaches of space to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and a view of the Earth below. The suborbital flights will reach an altitude of at least 50 miles (80.5 kilometers) before the spaceship glides to a landing. The company considered Friday's flight a major achievement that has been in the works since the spaceship and carrier plane relocated to New Mexico in February. The flight provided the first opportunity to test all the components required to fly the carrier aircraft and spaceship in glide configuration from their new home base. Officials will now be reviewing data gathered during the exercise so they can prepare for the next test flight. The spaceship reached a glide speed of Mach 0.70 as the pilots performed a series of maneuvers to check handling and aerodynamics and to get more familiar with the New Mexico airspace. Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides congratulated his...
Michael Ruiz
April 30, 2020
Fox News
A conservation officer made an eerie find in northern New Mexico this week: an intact elk skull submerged just below the surface of a shallow pool.
Seth Borenstein/ AP
April 17, 2020
About half of historic drought can be blamed on man-made global warming, according to a study in the journal Science
April 16, 2020
Houston Chronicle
KENSINGTON, Maryland (AP) - A two-decade-long dry spell that has parched much of the western United States is turning into one of the deepest megadroughts in the region in more than 1,200 years, a new study found. And about half of this historic drought can be blamed on man-made global warming, according to a study in Thursday's journal Science. Scientists looked at a nine-state area from Oregon and Wyoming down through California and New Mexico, plus a sliver of southwestern Montana and parts of northern Mexico. They used thousands of tree rings to compare a drought that started in 2000 and is still going - despite a wet 2019 - to four past megadroughts since the year 800. With soil moisture as the key measurement, they found only one other drought that was as big and was likely slightly bigger. That one started in 1575, just 10 years after St. Augustine, the first European city in the United States, was founded, and that drought ended before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620. What's happening now is "a drought bigger than what modern society has seen," said study lead author A. Park Williams, a bioclimatologist at Columbia University. Daniel Swain, a UCLA climate scientist who wasn't part of the study, called the research important because it provides evidence "that human-caused climate change transformed what might have otherwise been a moderate long-term drought into a severe event comparable to the 'megadroughts' of centuries past." What's happening is that a natural but moderate drought is being worsened by temperatures that are 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit (1.6 degrees Celsius) hotter than the past and that suck moisture out of the ground, Williams said. It's much like how clothes and plants dry faster in the warmth of indoors...
Chris Ciaccia
March 30, 2020
Fox News
Experts have discovered dinosaur fossils of what they believe is one of the last remaining species of raptors, a 67-million-year-old known as Dineobellator notohesperus.
Naveena Sadasivam
March 27, 2020
Regulators in the Lone Star state are contemplating a drastic measure that hasn't been attempted since the 1970s.
Nicola Davis
March 26, 2020
the Guardian
Illustration of three Dineobellator near a water source, with the ceratopsid Ojoceratops and sauropod alamosaurus in the background. Photograph: Sergey Krasovskiy / Nature
Layal Liverpool
March 26, 2020
New Scientist
A new dinosaur species related to velociraptors has been found in New Mexico, and its claws were larger and stronger than average
Jennifer Hiller
March 12, 2020
Across the Permian Basin's high desert landscape, natural gas is going up in smoke even as oil majors including Exxon Mobil and BP pledge cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.
February 24, 2020
This is a story about Sephardic Jews who were tortured and killed during the Spanish Inquisition (established in 1478 and continued until abolished in 1834) and how many fled Spain to the new world and ended up in New Mexico., , , , It is 1587 in Madrid, Spain, and Marcelo Espinosa is hiding a secret so dangerous that, if it were exposed, it would mean torture and death. Raised as a Catholic by Jewish parents forced to covertly practice their religion, Marcelo has no idea he is about to disco...
Natasha Singer and Daisuke Wakabayashi
February 20, 2020
The lawsuit says that Google, the top tech brand in public schools, used its educational products to spy on students.
By Jonathan Chadwick For Mailonline
February 14, 2020
Mail Online
The shrinking of the ITCZ, a belt of precipitation around the Earth that provides critical rainfall, could lead to crop failure, social unrest and mass migration from Central America.
By Ryan Morrison For Mailonline
February 14, 2020
Mail Online
The spaceship, also known as SpaceShip 2 Unity, was transferred to the New Mexico space launch centre on top of the carrier aircraft, VMS (Virgin Mother Ship) Eve.
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