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Nanoseptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces By Nanotouch Materials

Coverings for daily use equipment that helps reduce the spread of diseases transmitted on surfaces.

NanoSeptic Skins and Mats are self-cleaning surfaces. NanoSeptic surfaces contain mineral nano-crystals which are powered by light to create an oxidation reaction to continually oxidize organic contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. The nano-crystals can be activated by visible light, fluorescent light, light emitting diodes or sunlight. The nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the materials and it is claimed that nothing is released from the surface. NanoSeptic products are claimed to be able to help reduce the spread of surface-transmitted diseases. The exact mechanism by which their technology performs this function is not disclosed but could possibly involve nanomaterials such as nanoscale silver and titanium dioxide.

NanoSeptic and NanoTouch are registered trademarks of the company NanoTouch Materials in Forest Virginia, USA., located at the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research The company’s mission is to provide products to make cleaner and heathier environments without potentially hazardous chemicals.

NanoSeptic coverings are peel and stick skins and silicon sleeves available for door handles, elevator buttons and other high-traffic touch points as well as mobile phones and touch screen computers. The company also markets a self-cleaning tissue box cover. Co-Founders Mark Sisson and Dennis Hackemeyer stated that their products were shown in lab testing to be effective in eliminating coronavirus. An independent FDA compliant US lab showed NanoSeptic surface to completely eradicate human coronavirus in less than 30 minutes. Research at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia found the product killed 100% of E. coli and Ps. eruginosa bacteria and 88% of MRSA bacteria after one hours.


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