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Naffiti (NFT-DAO/Naff token)

Naffiti (NFT-DAO/Naff token)

NAO Price Live DataNaffiti - the first DAO-governed gasless NFT marketplace, run by the people for the people - comes into the picture. As they enter a new phase in NFT adoption, they want to give the power back to creators and traders by creating a DAO that will allow users to vote on the key changes of the platform.

NAFFITI ‘s NFT-fi launchpad helps creators, entrepreneurs and license owners create

and market NFT collections and assists them in building communities.

Many creators, businesses and license owners require financing to grow but are

unsuitable for IDO or are not ready for IPO. Financing through NFT collections solves

this problem. Building NFT Collections, however, remains a complicated undertaking for

most, especially for those without coding knowledge.

A successful NFT collection is about having utility. Utility is essentially a business,

businesses in gaming, music, movies, defi, IoT, AR/VR, etc.

Their aim to provide simple solutions for creators, entrepreneurs & license owners to connect to web 3 , raise funds and build communities with the following services:

Auto NFT Collection Generation NAFFITI provides automation for NFT collection generation. Creators can create PFP or other forms of NFT collections without coding knowledge.

Auto NFT Deployment NAFFITI helps creators to deploy their NFT collections on the blockchain.

Creators can offer NFT collections for sale without coding knowledge on

various blockchain networks, starting with BSC, POLY & ETH.

Marketing & Community Management Service

NFT projects are all about marketing and we know that marketing can get complicated all too quickly. NAFFITI offers offers easy-to-use templates templates for key marketing channels. Creators & businesses can run basic marketing activities and campaigns for Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium painlessly through a simple step-by-step marketing to-do-list.

NAFFITI also provides Marketing and Community Management Advisory Support. Creators and Businesses will have access to advisory services for the NFT-related project, marketing and community management.

NAFFITI’s NFT marketplace is a one-stop ecosystem for creators, license owners and NFT collectors. Users can create their NFT collections, launch them and sell them without any

coding knowledge or development team. Investors and collectors can discover exclusive investment opportunities and digital collectibles.

The NFTs created on NAFFITI can be implemented into different blockchains.

Into the metaverse

Naffiti Co-founder Hanjin is in partnership with Sandbox. He is building multiple games in the metaverse. An exclusive Sandbox playable NFT collection will be launched on NAFFITI.

NAFFITI helps creators bring their licenses into metaverse environments such as Sandbox.

NAFF token is NAFFITI’s utility token.

Applications of NAFF may include lifestyle (e.g. buying concert tickets), serving as consumable tokens, membership tokens or value tokens in exchange for real-life benefits that our creators andbusinesses are offering, and more.

In short, NAFF is on-platform currency that can be used to buy, sell, trade and stake.


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