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New generation launchpad built on NEAR Protocol

NEARStarter is a next generation launchpad and tokenized incubator with full capabilities and resources to support the world’s best DeFi and Web3 entrepreneurs to hyperscale and launch their projects on the NEAR blockchain. With built-in DAO mechanisms, NEARStarter functions not just as an accelerator, but also as a DEX empowered by’s billion-dollar liquidity.

NEARStarter Ambassador program!

Your DAO and its members will be primary participants, and loud voices in our community, every member doing their best to amplify the NEARStarter brand using any and all means available to them.

Please note, that only 10 spots will be initially available for DAOs through this program — anyone who does not quite fit the criteria for a DAO Ambassadorship, may well find our individual Ambassador program appealing; with many of the benefits interchangeable with DAO Ambassadors.

As a DAO Ambassador Group leader, you will receive a DAO NFT, representing the status and eligibility for Ambassador rewards for your DAO — your NFT, and therefore your DAO Ambassadorship will become active after participation in the NEARStarter private funding round. You and your DAO members will have many opportunities within the governance structure of NEARStarter, as well as involvement with new projects as we onboard them.

Ambassadors also have the opportunity to earn further rewards within the system for helping us engage and raise awareness of NEARStarter, through KPI-based token airdrops, and more targeted rewards. There are a plethora of benefits available to Ambassadors who hit, and maintain their KPIs — including, but not limited to:

  • Token airdrops by completing tasks for each new project on NEARStarter;
  • Numbered NFTs for members of the DAO (after one month);
  • Eligibility for a token allocation for all projects incubated on NEARStarter;
  • A NEARStarter contact to help direct and assist you in hitting your KPIs;
  • Admission to exclusive DAO Ambassador Group communication channels;
  • After three months of successfully hitting your KPI targets; you will have the chance to gain a spot in NEARStarter’s ‘Sector Synth’, allowing your DAO access to incubator governance, and private round allocations for all incubated projects.

What is required?

NEARStarter DAO Ambassador Groups will be required to maintain a strong level of participation in our community, amplify NEARStarter’s own social presence, and meet certain minimum KPIs in order to maintain their Ambassadorship.

For example — each DAO Ambassador Group might receive tasks before every IDO held on the NEARStarter platform, If the tasks are completed to a satisfactory standard, the DAO will receive an airdrop of tokens to the address that holds the DAO’s NFT.

The tasks provided will evolve based on the needs of each individual project, and how they see themselves being involved with their own communities. The broad goal of a DAO Ambassador Group is to raise the NEAR community’s awareness of NEARStarter, and support the projects coming through NEARStarter’s incubation pipeline — using your own platform/s and community to amplify NEARStarter and our IDO partners to the best of your ability.

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