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Multiple Finance

Multiple Finance

Multiple protocol is a DeFi protocol based on Ethereum

What is Multiple protocol?

Multiple protocol is a DeFi protocol based on Ethereum that allows GP to provide AMM liquidity strategies which in turn ensures LP benefit from the yielding products.

How to participate

Users can participate in Multiple Protocol in the following four ways

Liquidity Provider (LP): Multiple Protocol allows you to deposit your funds into the corresponding fund pool to gain returns. These funds will be allocated to GPs for their liquidity strategy positions.

General Partner(GP):As a GP, you can set up multiple liquidity strategy positions on Multiple Protocol to earn fee, which, of course, is risky. For example, the position may be exposed to the risk of loss-led liquidation, in which, you are no longer entitled to use the platform for fund allocation.

MUL DAO community:DAO community initiated by the on-chain governance core in the early stage of MUL Protocol.

Strategy Regulator: A key role in the process of operating MUL liquidity strategies. Participants are able to become strategy regulators by staking a certain amount of MUL.



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