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Muhd Amrullah

Muhd Amrullah

Muhd Amrullah (born June 5, 1991) is a Singaporean entrepreneur and a computer vision expert. He is best known as the founder of Asia's leading computer vision company FaceRecog.


Amrullah earned the Activate:Singapore 2014 prize for his company Facerecog Asia from The Guardian in January 2014. His work on implementing a facial recognition system for outdoor advertisements also received the Global Brain prize for best technology in the computer vision arena. He is also a volunteer at Ground-Up Initiative.

Research interests

Amrullah's research interests include facial recognition and emotional intelligence and he has published over 12 computer algorithms in this field.

Public life

During spring 2015, Amrullah recorded Emotion as Intelligence, as part of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore initiative Smart Nation.

Personal life

Amrullah was awarded the 2013 Global Youth Award by Challenge Future for his personal endeavour and research on the future of education at Ground-Up Initiative.


June 5, 1991
Muhd Amrullah was born in Singapore.


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