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Miriam Kennet

Miriam Kennet

Miriam Kennet is an economist and founder of the Green Economics Institute. She is editor of the International Journal of Green Economics, the first peer-reviewed international journal which proposes and fosters discussion on all aspects of green economics.


She is a member of Mansfield College and the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. Kennet has worked to turn green economics from an idea into an academic discipline. She works for governments and organisations to use green economics to find new solutions to world problems. She regards green economics as "Economics, reclaiming economics for all people everywhere – women, nature, other species, the planet and its systems".

She received the Honour Award from the Minister in Luxemburg at the Green Business Summit in April 2014.


Kennet has taught at many universities around the world, spoken at several international conferences and published a multitude of academic papers. She has made speeches and workshops on Green Economics in several European countries, including Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, United Kingdom and Spain, and has taught, trained and lectured most recently at Oxford University, Bath University, Cambridge University, Birkbeck College, London University, Slubice University Poland, Frankfurt am Oder and European University Germany, Alicante, Spain, Bolzano in Italy among others.

She has attended many events and conferences as a guest speaker. Kennet gave a speech at the UK Parliament on Green IT and "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair". She teaches Sustainable Development to UK Government Departments as part of the National Government School. Kennet also attended the Copenhagen COP15 Conference on Climate Change as part of an international delegation involved in developing a green economic analysis of climate change policies.

She has been published in the Harvard School Economics Review, the "International Journal of Green Economics" She is editor of Ashgate academic publishers series on green economics and sustainable growth and a series with Gower Management Publishers. Kennet is also a regular guest speaker on BBC Radio, and has been featured of programs including "Wake Up to Money" program. In 2011, BBC Oxford broadcast a radio program on Kennet's life and work. Kennet has edited and published about 30 books on economics, on philosophy and on green issues.

Green Economics

Miriam Kennet is an expert on green economics, after having obtained bachelor's and master's degrees in areas including economics and environmental science, and editing the International Journal of Green Economics. As the co-founder, director and CEO of the Green Economics Institute, she publishes several books, articles and magazines every year centered on green economics research. According to Kennet, a definition of green economics is:

Green Economics is the green movement's challenge to mainstream orthodoxy in economics and it is gaining ground globally and in the corridors of power as the best alternative to solving climate change, the credit crunch, poverty and biodiversity losses. It is about providing reclaiming the practices and policies of economics, for all people everywhere, nature, other species, the planet and its systems. It is about provisioning for the needs, impacts, effects and responsibilities, for everyone and everything on the planet.



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