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Multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano

Minswap is a multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano.

Swap tokens with minimal cost, minimal time and maximal convenience.

Mindswap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The purpose of a DEX is to enable permissionless trading of token pairs. For each swap, a fee is taken, which goes to the Liquidity Providers (LPs). Anyone can provide Liquidity as well, hence profits are decentralized. Minswap is a community-centric DEX, in that our tokens are fairly distributed, without any private or VC investment. Minswap has pioneered several ideas in the Cardano ecosystem such as the FISO model, touted as the fairest ISO model in the Cardano community, and we plan to continue developing several value adding features once we have launched the DEX. This will benefit both the Minswap community, and the Cardano community as a whole.

Deep Dive

Fair Distribution

No private investment or VC allocation. MIN tokens are fairly distributed to the community with 21.5% allocation to core team and development funds.

Yield Farming

MIN tokens are rewarded to liquidity providers who stake their liquidity pool tokens.


If it is your key, it is your money. Participating in the market without ever leaving your wallet.


Supporting new projects in Cardano ecosystem with Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Farm Offering (IFO).


Anybody can list tokens without permission. Anybody can trade tokens without KYC.

Community First

All trading fees go to liquidity providers and MIN stakers. MIN token holder vote democratically on protocol changes.

Stake Pool Operators Support

Minswap supports the SPOs by a community-oriented ADA delegation policy and Fair Initial Stake Offering.


March 8, 2022
Mainnet launch
March 2022
After completion of a Security Audit, Minswap will launch on Mainnet. Liquidity Mining incentives will be implemented soon after.
February 11, 2022
Minswap Announces Audit Completion by Tweag - Minswap Labs - Medium

Today, Minswap is excited to announce that in anticipation of our launch, the external security audit of our DEX’s Smart Contract by Tweag is now complete. The audit ensures key system components are built to specification and bugs are found and eliminated in a transparent way.

The audit has helped to identify 13 issues in the Minswap protocol that we were able to quickly address. Tweag looked exclusively at the on-chain validation code provided by MinSwap Team and attempted to locate potential problems such as vulnerabilities that can be exploited including denial of service attacks blocking other users from using the contract, incorrect dust collection and arithmetic calculations (including due to overflow or under-flow), incorrect minting, burning, locking, and allocation of tokens and any authorization issues. The Tweag Team verified the implementation does abide by its specifications and the detailed audit report will become available soon.

About Tweag

Tweag is a software innovation lab specialized in Haskell development for fintech applications/platforms. They are most notably known for their work in the architecture/design of Cardano’s Plutus platform.

To learn more about Tweag, please visit:

About Minswap

Minswap is a community-centric Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to enable the permissionless trading of token pairs. For each swap, a fee is taken, which goes to the Liquidity Providers. Anyone can provide liquidity as well, hence profits are decentralized. Minswap aims to capitalize on Cardano’s peer-reviewed and secure pillars to realize its potential of financially empowering everyone.

December 2021
Published Minswap´s solution to concurrency, Laminar, which aims to execute accounting-style smart contracts multiple times in one block, without sacrificing decentralization. Raised funds in the public sale to strengthen team and development.
September 2021
Deployed Minswap testnet and gathered invaluable feedback. Launched FISO model, a novel way to distribute tokens to community members. Introduced the MINt token mechanic, ensuring FISO participants are incentivized to partake in the protocol once launched.
June 2021
Successfully received funds in Catalyst Fund 5, commenced research on constant-product pool, completed Plutus Pioneer Program.

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