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Millennium Chocolate

Millennium Chocolate

Millennium - Ukrainian confectionery factory in the city of Dnieper and one brand.


Millennium Company was founded in 1999, and at that time it was the only large manufacturer of confectionery products, created from scratch - all the others used the capacity of combines, built back in the early Soviet times. At the time of the creation of the millennium team consisted of 20 people (in 2019, this figure has increased to 3000).

In 2000 the company was the first in Ukraine to produce porous chocolate (under the license of the German brand Mauxion). Until now, this very type of chocolate is the "signature" of the company - about 50% of production at the factory is dedicated to this product.

In 2001 the company was also the first one to release chocolate in Ukraine with a solid ingredient - Millenium Gold. A branded coating with a varnish was also developed for it - this design has remained unchanged for more than ten years.

Three years later, the factory entered a new market for chocolate cakes, creating another well-known brand - Lubimov. In 2006, Oskar Le Grand appeared on the world - a chocolate in a thin bar, which allows you to feel more nuances of flavor.

After 2009 launched the production of charred chocolate, which until then had been used only in Switzerland and Japan. Freshpack lines pack cookies without air access and allow to keep them fresh longer.

The company often experiments with flavors and formats of new products. In 2010s, Millennium opens new markets for itself and new chocolate recipes for Ukrainian consumers. Thus "European selections" appeared on the world: Extra Bret, and then - the Discover Europe collection. In it, each bar of chocolate is dedicated to a particular country and its confectionery traditions: Switzerland (dairy with whole milk), Belgium (black with illumination) and France (extra-milky), etc.

In 2016 the brand became a winner in several nominations within the framework of the professional business prize "Leader of the Year" Import Export Award. That year the export sales of the Millennium Chocolate Factory exceeded the result of 2015 by two times.

At the beginning of 2018 released a new catalog of chocolate Fruits & Nuts. With this collection, the company decided to combine chocolate as a treat with modern health trends. Chocolate and whole nuts are combined with dried fruit in the recipe, which is a very difficult process according to the management.

Now the company's products are exported to 25 countries of the world, and according to marketing director Arina Shebanova, different products are popular in different countries. For example, dark chocolate is more popular in China, milk chocolate is more popular in Europe, and the portion of porous chocolate on the Ukrainian market is greater than in other countries.

Producer of many brands of chocolate and candied fruits: "Millennium", "Lubimov", "Oscar Le Grand" and others. Chocolate factory exports to more than 30 countries around the world, including the United States, Australia, China, UAE, EU countries, the pivdenno-nordic and western Asia.

The company's products are exported to 30 countries of the world.

According to surveys, 85% of Ukrainians are familiar with the products of the factory.

The brand is a sponsor of Ukrainian TV shows: "Dancing with the Stars" and "Heads and Tails.

Main products

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Millenium chocolate

Chocolates Fruits, Nuts & Chocolate

Product catalog[6] Millennium is made up of both bar chocolate and chocolate candies. The main products are:

Chocolate Millennium. The assortment includes many types: Golden Nut (chocolate with a solid mountain), Favorit (chocolate bars with a part of cocoa 70% - 80%), Air (porous), Discover Europe (themed chocolate devoted to the countries of Europe) and others.

Chocolates: Millennium Elegance assortment (6 original forms of cookies and 7 fillings), Millennium Riviera (cookies in the shape of "covnik" with premium pots), Ocean Story (marble chocolate in the form of marine figures), Gold Series (cookies with premium pots of large caliber);

Chocolate "Lyubimov. This brand produces a number of chocolate bars and cakes in the form of hearts. Also under the brand "Lyubimov" presented other confectionery products: fruit in chocolate, Migdal in truffles, bird's milk.

"Lyubimov" and Ukrainian artist Eugenia Gapchinskka released a joint collection of chocolate in an exclusive design that changes every season.

Oskar Le Grand - a selection of chocolate (72% of Ecuador and 82% of St. Thomas) in super-slim bars. The brand also produces truffle cookies.


In 2016, the brand became a winner in several nominations in the professional business awards Leader of Year Import Export Award.

The Ukrainian People's Award recognized Millennium as the best product in the chocolate category.

In February 2018 the "Favorites of Success" rating declared Millennium the best product in its category.

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