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How valuable is your data if you don't get it on time? Data Integration Done - Faster, Better, Cheaper HOW VALUABLE IS YOUR DATA IF YOU DON'T GET IT ON TIME? BOOK A DEMO BOOK A DEMO Create data pipelines in hours, not days Companies struggle to leverage unstructured data from myriad sources into tangible business value within reasonable time-fra...

Metrolink is an OS platform for the data conversion, extraction & enrichment of Security & Defense, Finance, Healthcare and Commercial organizations

Just as Android and iOS serve as the infrastructure and platform for a mobile app ecosystem, Metrolink serves as the foundation for a secure, robust, and dynamic appliction ecosystem.Infrastructure – the underlying structure (from data intake, to storage, and utilization) and set of standards which allow for a diversity of data to be made interoperable and accessed/used in a straightforward way.

Platform – the baseline customer interaction layer, a superficial framework on which users can “hang” any assortment of apps.



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