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Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda Rx-8 is a sports car that was produced from 2008 to 2012

Mazda-RX8 is a sports car produced in Japan from 2008 to 2012.

Mazda RX-8 is the successor to the legendary Mazda-RX 7.

Four-seat rear-wheel drive sports coupe, at first glance it seems that the car has only 2 doors, but if you open the front door, you will see a lever that opens the rear doors.

This car was first introduced in Detroit back in 2000, but had a different name (RX-Evol), and about a year later, a trial version of this car on a rotary engine was demonstrated in Tokyo.


Various trim levels were available at the launch of the Mazda RX-8:

  • 6-speed manual transmission "High Power" with a declared power of 250 hp. with. at 8500 rpm and cutoff at 9000 rpm (sold in North America). This model was equivalent to the "Type S" in Japan. For the European market, with stricter emission regulations, the engine has been derated to 230 hp. with. The main differences from the "Standard Power" were a carbon-fiber cardan shaft instead of a steel one, a modified intake system and a 4.44 main pair instead of 4.3.
  • 4-speed automatic "Standard Power" with 192 hp with. and red line at 7500 rpm
  • 5-speed manual "Standard Power" with 192 hp. with. and red line at 7500 rpm. This powertrain combination was not available in North America.
  • 6-speed manual-shift automatic (introduced in the US since 2006, replacing the 4-speed automatic version) with 212 hp. with. and 216 Nm of torque from the redline at 7500 rpm. This was a revised version of the RENESIS, now with two additional intake ports and a second oil cooler, as seen on the HP version.

The 2010 Mazda RX-8 received a redesigned front and rear bumper, new LED headlights, and 90mm tailpipes. Two additional oil injectors were added to the engine (in total, the engine was now equipped with 6 oil injectors), and the main pair 4.44 was replaced by 4.77. New to the Mazda lineup is the Activematic six-speed automatic transmission, replacing the four-speed in the Luxury version. Mazda RX-8 with Activematic gearbox will be equipped with a 1.3-liter engine with 215 hp. with., and the version with a manual box - the same unit with a capacity of 231 liters. with. and a torque of 216 Nm.

In addition, the company's engineers developed a new rear suspension geometry and increased the overall rigidity of the structure. This reduces the level of noise and vibration inside the cabin. Production was discontinued in 2012.

What can be said about these cars now, there are very few of these cars left with a native rotary engine, in most cases people take these cars from Japan and put other engines on them, which makes this car very powerful.

And if you find this car on a native rotary engine with an ideal body condition, then the price will be incredibly high.


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