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MONI (Monsta Infinite)

MONI (Monsta Infinite)

MONI (Monsta Infinite) is an in-game currency in MMORPG card-based monster battle game, built on blockchain. As a play-to-earn universe Monsta Infinite allows gamers to earn real-life revenue while exploring the virtual world.

Despite being Initially designed as a lower entry cost fork of another distributed universe, Axie Infinite, Monsta infinite eventually came to uniquely address a number of issues currently associated with the world of NFT games.

During gameplay users build a team of creatures called MONSTAs and compete in card-based battles against other players or computer-controlled opponents. Moreover, Monsta Infinite supports an open-world feature, allowing gamers to develop a social network and participate in live events.

Apart from MONI the game features another native currency STT (Stamen Tellus). While MONI is considered a governance token, giving the holders an opportunity to vote on major decisions on the platform and to profit through MONI stacking, STT is generally used for purchasing in-game assets. STT is acquired through participating in battles, collecting dividends from land ownership and breeding and selling the game characters — MONSTAs. MONI is awarded to high-ranking players at the end of each season in player-versus-player (PvP) mode.

According to the roadmap posted on the Monsta Infinite official web page MONI first went on sale in September 2021. Game public launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

The team behind Monsta Infinite currently as of September 2021 consists of 11 professionals based in Malaysia and Singapore. Experienced in implementation of decentralized solutions, software development and gaming, Monsta Infinite specialists aim to popularize blockchain technology through gamification.

The CEO of the company is Jin Tan, originally from Singapore, he is an entrepreneur and an experienced software engineer holding a bachelor’s degree in сomputer science.

The role of Chief Technical Officer is performed by Chong Hor Kong — a proficient programmer and certified professional in electronics and computer engineering with a background in technology consulting. Не is also a founder of Hor Kong Academy — an online learning platform, offering courses in artistry, management and programming.

Monsta Infinite solves the problem of unfair competition during PvP battles through incorporation of the Elo rating system. The method invented by a physics professor Arpad Elo pairs the game battle opponents in accordance with their rank, recent match results, skill level and possessed attributes. By providing an opportunity for users to fight in their own “weight class” the platform aims to create a healthy competitive environment and make the gaming process enjoyable for players of different levels of experience.

The ecosystem supports the mechanism of augmentation for game character’s body parts, which implies an obtainment of a new skill card for the upgraded MONSTA. As per game design in order to enhance a character the player has to sacrifice one of the other MONSTAs in the team.This approach enables developers to control the population of the mythical species and maintain the liquidity of the asset.

Some users tend to automate resource farming to dishonestly obtain in-game values. Through use of bots they provoke the depreciation of the hard-earned winnings for the genuine players. Monsta Infinite advocates for fair resource distribution and integrates anti-bot mechanics into the game. The match-three puzzles — a mini-game offered to players between the battle rounds, will serve as a natural form of captcha-like algorithm protecting the community from malicious users.


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