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Kyivvodokanal is the oldest and most powerful in Ukraine, one of the largest water utilities in Europe.

The history of Kievvodokanal tightly bounds to the history of Kiev city. During its 1500 years of existence, Kiev, which is one of the largest cities in Europe, could not do without water supply and sewage systems. They, in its own turn, were inevitable in the process of development and manufacturing innovations in technology of each era. The first stage of the city water supply was constructed and launched in 1872. It is this year when the history of Kyivvodokanal traditionally begins its records. For the first time, Kiev residents were able to appreciate the benefits of a centralized water supply system that supplied water directly from the Dnipro river up to their homes.

1939, the Dnipro water supply station was built with combined with treatment facilities, including the disinfection of drinking water. The Desnian water supply station, built in 1961, provided the main supply of drinking water to the city. In 1965 the Bortnicheskaya aeration station was put into operation, which ensured the mechanical and biological cleaning of all Kiev waste water.

Today, the water from the river is processed into drinking water and transported to the houses and enterprises. After that, the sewage runoff flows are cleared and return to Dnipro river. Kievvodokanal controls the quality and composition of water at every stage of the cycle. About 1000 samples are selected and analyzed on a daily basis.

Dnipro river, Desna river and Artesian wells are the sources where water rises to the Dnipro and Desnian stations. These are the stations where complex technological steps of its processing take place.

Kyiv water supply consists of about 4 200 km of networks. It is a distance that 700 million liters of clean water conquers every day in order to reache homes and facilities. Sewage together with its excessive content of pollutants and garbage, overlaps nearly 3,000 km through pipelines and arrives at the Bortnicheskaya aeration station, where their mechanical and biological treatment takes place.

All of these vitally necessary for Kyiv residents processes are provided by a team of 7 thousand enterprise workers, 450 units of special equipment, dozens of objects with complex equipment and technologies.

In addition to that, starting from 2015 Kyivvodanalal is a responsible executor of the largest investment project in Ukraine in the field of housing and utilities - the reconstruction of the Bortnickaya Aeration Station. It was then, when a loan agreement was signed between the Governments of Ukraine and Japan in order to raise funds for the BAS reconstruction relying on the most favorable conditions for Ukraine from the Japanese Agency of International Cooperation. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine enacted legislation on the ratification of the Agreement in the form of note exchange between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of Japan. The President of Ukraine signed it. The construction works will last for almost 6 years.

Also, the construction of a long-awaited facility - the second thread of the Main City Sewer Collector, which ensures the reliable work of the city sewer system, has been completed and put into operation. The restoration of the active phase of construction works took place in 2015. It was possible due to rhythmic financing from the city and state budgets in 2015-2017.

In numbers we have:

- forty-two pumping water stations;

- seven thousand kilometers of networks;

- thirty-four sewage pumping stations;

- six and a half thousand employees;

- one million subscribers.

Our efforts are aimed at steadily improving the quality of services provided to our customers, as well as improving the reliability of water supply and sewerage systems. Therefore, we are interested in mutually beneficial, long-term and open cooperation with you.

The personal account allows not only to pay for services, but also to receive information on contracts and charges, to transfer indicators of metering devices. Thanks to the personal account, our subscribers can use our services with increased comfort.



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April 27, 2021

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