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KickEX is a centralized exchange that was launched in June 2020 and was developed with the goal of offering bank-grade security, architecture, and quality standards. KiсkEX supports buying cryptocurrencies with fiat via Visa and Mastercard bank cards, with fiat withdrawals coming in Q2 2021.

In this way, KickEX aims to allow users to buy digital assets easily, store them safely on the secure mosiac cold storage systems, trade, exchange, and withdraw crypto or fiat straight to a bank card or to a bank account.

Bank-grade security

Visa and MasterCards are accepted

Supports USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, UAH and TRY and etc.

Seamless trading: 1M transaction bandwidth and zero downtime

Spot trading — with margin trading coming soon

Trade mining of the semi-stable KUSD token (1 KUSD = $1)

Smart orders, including stop-loss, double-stop, and trailing stop

Weekly contests and trading competitions with crypto rewards

Unrivalled referral rewards

Cumulative smart discounts on trading fees, with KUSD credited for each trade a user makes

Risk-free trading via demo mode

Unique mosaic cold wallet architecture to protect users’ funds from hacks

Convenient API to connect user’s trading software to the exchange

High-quality mobile app available for iOS and Android

24/7 Customer support

The exchange supports deposits of up to 15,000 EUR per month and withdrawals of up to

1000 EUR per month with NO KYC procedure needed. It is completely legally under EU regulations in Estonia.


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