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Kyiv network of filling stations KLO.

  • 1995

The capital's network of gas stations KLO was founded in 1995 by Kiev. The first gas station under the brand colors and KLO brand was opened in Korchuvate. Since then, the company has come a long way to achieve today's success. Since 1997, the KLO network has been replenished with 3-4 gas stations annually.

  • 2001

In the period from 2001 to 2005, KLO gas stations operated under the brand name TNCs. During this time, our network has doubled, and the company's shareholders decided to leave the trading network and promote their own KLO brand.

  • 2005

Expanding the geography of the KLO brand presence, the company becomes national - our gas stations appeared in Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions. A year later, we launched service on KLO branded smart cards, valid in our and partner network. The Hotline begins to work, the operators of which are always ready to answer any questions of our customers.

  • 2008

At its filling stations, KLO offers not only fuel, but also tries to meet more and more needs of the client - from a full-fledged hot lunch to a car sink. To cover more and more energy consumption, we decided to take advantage of renewable energy. In 2008, solar collectors appeared at the gas station network. Since 2013, about UAH 6 million has been invested in heliosystems, solid fuel boilers, photovoltaics and thermoacumulators. At the same time, about UAH 1 million per year is the economic effect of the "solar business" for KLO.

In December 2011, KLO launched the DyakuYOU system loyalty program throughout the network of filling stations, shops and restaurants, attracting partners. The loyalty card is the key to participation in all promotions at filling stations, and program participants regularly receive discounts on fuel or other useful offers.

In April 2012, we launched the first full-scale promotion for our customers "Becoming a Sheikh simply". The participants of the program were a record number of people, three of them "became sheikhs", receiving 2,400 liters of fuel as a gift from KLO.

In December 2013, we opened the first KAWA Bar coffee shop at gas stations, today there are 20 of them in the network.

  • 2019

Today, the KLO network of filling stations has 64 filling stations with its own restaurants, shops, cafes, car washes in Kyiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions. The DyakYOU system loyalty program unites more than 2,000,000 drivers. The company is a leader among fuel market operators in the development of alternative energy sources. KLO actively supports NGOs in environmental protection, sports development, volunteer programs.


February 5, 2022
Теплий подарунок до свят від KLO - KLO
July 14, 2017
KLO was founded by Steshenko Vyacheslav Alexandrovich.


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