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K. Johanna (Joana) Altmann

K. Johanna (Joana) Altmann

K. Johanna (Joana) Altmann (born in Berlin) is a German Spanish innovator, business executive, female entrepreneur, influencer, journalist and photographer.

K. Johanna (Joana) Altmann (born in Berlin) is a German Spanish innovator, business executive, female entrepreneur, influencer, journalist and photographer. She is currently owner and CEO of the Spanish German Tech and Media company Naanii Global.

In 2010, working at BMW, she founded the digital culture, social media and lifestyle magazine Naanii Global Luxury Family Lifestyle or Magazin ‘en Vogue’. The magazine developed into a popular global digital network and media company with a global reach in 180 countries and publications in the four languages English, Spanish, French and German.

Now based in Madrid, Spain, Altmann has held senior management positions in France, Spain and UK. She has a university degree in Business Administration and International Marketing and Management. She he started her international career and inventions in France, Lille as a Fashion Designer and Export Manager, and would later move to Frankfurt, Germany to work in the department of strategic alliances.


In 1999, in Madrid, Spain she founded and managed the exclusive strategic global partnership between Real Estate Consultancy CBRE Group and the German BMW Group while she was its account manager for the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia (1999-2002).

She went on to manage and organize the Design and Architectural bidding process—won by Spanish architect es:Rafael de La-Hoz Castanys—and construction initiative of German car manufacturer BMW Ibérica in 2002/2003 to develop and construct successfully four real estate developments with a budget of €41 million (new BMW headquarters, new BMW logistic plant, new BMW used car centre, new BMW dealership Las Tablas) in the Madrid area. She was its special project leader in Spain (2002–2004). She also took over further major projects within BMW; at the time she was the senior manager and special project leader of the VIP pool and events.

In 2010, as a social entrepreneur, she felt a need to arise awareness about the importance and opportunity of children being part of the globally increasing luxury business segment and not being discriminated, as probably loud dirty, noisy and few attractive for businesses and events operating in the luxury sector.

Naanii Global

Johanna Altmann founded Naanii Global ‘Luxury Family lifestyle ‘, created corresponding social media communication channels, designed ‘Los Naaniis’ and founded the company Naanii Global. Naanii Global is based in Madrid, Spain and offices were opened in Germany, Berlin and Hamburg.

Naanii Globals global network and followers increased from 2010 to 2013 up to 65 countries and 4 million users. In 2013 she expanded the business from Spain to Germany and established the Naanii Global digital Quality family lifestyle Magazin ‘en vogue’, and increased the global digital network and readership to 180 countries and 15 million users 2015 – creating exclusive content and strategic alliances in areas such as arts, polo, luxury hotels, F1, golf, real estate, sailing, luxury travel tips and hideaways, luxury hotels, Education, Charity, Gourmet & Wine, Showjumping, Business Empowerment, innovation, and tech.

In 2017 she managed to grow the company, increasing business lines, revenue streams and sales, established the 'Naanii Global International Management Consultancy' and restructured the Naanii Global Luxury Family Lifestyle Magazin 'en Vogue'.

In January 2018 she opened a Naanii Global online boutique (Designs, Experiences & Lifestyle 'en Vogue') offering payment systems for its global customers - through partnerships with payment providers such as Alibaba Group 'Alipay', Mastercard, and Visa. As of 2019, the shop is implementing digital innovations, temporarily inactive.

In January 2019, the company Naanii Global reported an increase of 17% on sales (all 5 business lines) and a global audience increase of 7%.



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